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Reborn Renovations brings life back into your home
Proven to be one of the top home renovation companies in Calgary, Reborn Renovations consistently delivers excellent service and high-quality results. Our passion for building new custom home projects is driving us, reflecting who we are as a company and what we do for our clients.

Stunning, Modern Design

Our in-house design team works together with you to create the plans for your stunning new renovation, home addition, or new home build.
Together we'll choose the styles, colours, and layout that bring your vision to life.

Multiple Award Winner

The quality of the work and designs by Reborn are recognized and evidenced by our multiple awards, including winning The Canadian Home Builders Association Best Bathroom Renovation in Canada for 2021.

No Hidden Costs

Once we work together to understand your dream renovation goals, we put together a detailed plan and proposal that includes all costs and expenses in your project. That way you're never met with an unexpected expense during or after your renovation.
  • I needed a lot done in my house. Bathroom, kitchen, and a new deck. I had a real easy time finding people that would recommend themselves for a job on social media, but it was a chore getting real recommendations from satisfied customers. I didn’t want to project manage, anyway. I didn’t even want to figure out the color of the cabinets. I just wanted someone to show me some options, and I could pick what I liked. Turns out Reborn Renovations handles all that. Just one call, and I got a designer, company rep, project handler, and they could worry about piecing together a crew.
    My house is finished. I finally like living in it again. If you want a company you can trust to focus on renovations while you get on with your life, go with Reborn.

    Charles P.

    Altadore, South West Calgary

  • Let’s be clear. Reborn Renovations isn’t the cheapest company out there. But they are the best. If you want to cut corners, if you want someone who tries to be sneaky about permits, if you don’t mind sub-par work, by all means look elsewhere.
    I paid good money for excellent work, and now I am living in the lap of luxury. Danielle really understood what I want, and her communication with Jesse and the rest of the team was just perfect. Everyone says home renovations are super stressful, but they don’t have to be!
    Treat yourself! Enjoy the process! I did.

    Aaliyah S.

    Killarney, South West Calgary

  • I knew exactly what I wanted when I started looking for a contractor for my home renovation. I called Reborn, talked to them about it, and I got what I wanted. Jeff, the sales rep wasn’t pushy, the rest of the team knew what I was talking about, Brett the foreman answered all of my questions. It was easy, it was on time, and it was on budget. Can’t ask for more than that.

    Howard F.

    Canyon Meadows, South Calgary

  • I saw the work they did for a friend, who had an addition built, and I felt good knowing I’d seen some of their work already. If they did a great job on her house, they’d do a great job on mine, right? Right! They knocked out the back wall, made a big kitchen/dining room, and added some lights and new custom cabinetry. Now it looks like something from a magazine! That part of my house, at least. As soon as I can, I'm hoping to bring them back to renovate the rest of my main floor. I’m going to!! My mom’s already been over and said it looks so good. I told her she can’t have them yet because I still need them! Hahaha. This is my first year hosting Christmas dinner for our family, and I am so excited! I wanted to do it sooner, but our house was just too cramped and not welcoming at all.

    Barbara W.

    Highland Park, NW Calgary

  • If you want to find a home remodeling contractor who really knows the meaning of luxury, look no farther than Reborn. This company is amazing. All you have to do is look at their online gallery and you’ll see what I mean. My wife wanted a lot of natural light and exposed beams. I wanted hardwood floors and a jacuzzi tub. These guys didn’t bat an eye even though we’re pretty particular. My wife and I sat down and drew up some plans, and then we sat down with a Reborn designer to make them better. The project manager’s communication was great. The fact they offer a warranty is great. These guys are great!

    Travis and Heather M.

    Cranston, SE Calgary

  • I live on my own, and I’ve always been hesitant to let workers into my house. It makes undergoing a house renovation hard. But I really wanted a new en suite, and I couldn’t take on such a big project myself. I had broken tiles and ugly fixtures, and I had some concerns about mold. A few of my friends recommended Reborn. I have to say, everyone was respectful, and I never felt like I was being pressured into making a decision. They’re coming back to redo my kitchen soon. I’m just so relieved I found a trustworthy group of experts.

    Shannon S.

    Deer Ridge, SE Calgary

  • Home renovations are always a pain…even when you aren’t the one doing the job! All I wanted was a company that was reliable, honest, and knew what they were doing. I didn’t want to have to project manage. I wanted to be able to tell them what I wanted, set a budget, and poof! It’s done! Maybe that’s asking a lot, but Reborn Renovations is by far the best contracting company I’ve ever worked with. They listened, they were done on time and on budget. They even have a warranty. Now they’ve got my business!

    Alex W.

    Brentwood, NW Calgary

  • My wife and I knew the only way we’d find the time to organize a home renovation is if we found a place that did it all. Isn’t that the way it goes? You can finally afford to renovate and can’t find the time to do it! When I say Reborn Renovations does it all, I mean they do it all. We used them for every step of the process—including financing! No regrets.

    Trish and Val P.

    Aspen Woods, South West Calgary

  • Deb and John B.

    Signal Hill, West Calgary

  • Everything about our house was outdated when we bought it. The second we fixed one thing, something else would break. We knew it was time to either commit and do a total home renovation or sell the thing. Well, we decided to renovate.
    We wanted to be sure we were working with the best contractors in Calgary. We talked with a few companies. Pinnacle Renovations and Ultimate Renovations seemed okay, but Reborn Renovations really stood out to us.
    The first person we spoke with was Bob, who set up a day and time for our quote. We liked their ideas, and the project manager, Vito, really seemed to know what he was talking about. We were absolutely thrilled with Danielle, who took our ideas and created a beautiful design that just spoke to us and had everything we needed. We even got most of what we wanted.
    The tradespeople were skilled and respectful. Most importantly, we LOVE our home.
    If you’re looking for a great contracting company, we truly can’t recommend the team at Reborn enough.


    Haysboro, SW Calgary

  • I tried replacing my own floor and redoing our entryway. Harder than it looks! After about a month of having the floors ripped up, and drywall missing my wife had had enough and decided to call some home improvement people. She went with Reborn Renovations. I wasn’t happy about it at first (Such little faith in me! sheesh!!), but they did a great job fixing my mess. I’m sure I would have figured it out eventually, but happy wife happy life, right?

    Frank T.

    Lake Bonavista, SE Calgary

  • Top-notch service. Great to work with. No complaints. We needed our living room renovated and our kitchen remodeled. The renos look great. My wife is very happy with her new kitchen. Plan to use for more projects soon.

    Chuck C.

    North Haven, North West Calgary

  • My husband and I were finally in the financial position to build our dream home. It’s not something you want to mess up! We knew we had to choose the right contractor…Reborn was it! They seemed to have a lot of experience with the scale of renovation we wanted to have done. We were able to see a portfolio and even visit one of the homes they remodeled to check their work for ourselves. We worked with their interior designer and loved every minute of our luxury home remodel. We got to sit back and relax…and now our old home looks brand new!

    Cecliy and Robert J.

    Shawnessy, South West Calgary

  • I had a friend tell me that when you’re looking for a house renovation contractor, you can choose two: cheap, fast, or good. We were happy to find all three with Reborn. My husband and I inherited an older home and wanted to make a handful of upgrades. but it wasn't until we started the reno and demolition ourselves that we found dry rot in one area, and water damage in another, far beyond our capabilities.. Reborn came out fast, and they quoted us several options, depending on our price range.
    We liked that they didn’t just quote us the most expensive option. They sat down and took the time to talk with us and really care about our situation. If you need any kind of home improvement in Calgary, we can’t recommend Reborn Renovations enough!

    Oliver and Sophia S.

    Mount Royal, South Central Calgary

  • Ever since one construction company ruined my carpets and flooring by tracking dirt into and dragging materials in and out of my home, I’ve been hesitant to reach out to renovation contractors. But after my bathroom flooded, I pretty much had to! I was determined to find a true professional this time. Reborn Renovations has an amazing website with a portfolio, and they clearly hold themselves to a high standard. I saw they had numerous awards and have received recognition for their work, so I felt safe in contacting them. While in my home I was pleased they did a good job, were respectful of my space, and Murray was very nice to deal with. They kept my carpets clean, and cleaned up all the debris and dust. I won’t hesitate to call them again. :)


    North Glenmore, SW Calgary

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So when you work with us, you will feel comfortable knowing that each step of your home renovation is done with quality and care.  Nothing is ignored. From the beginning of estimation to the end when the final touches are added, our team will work to maintain your confidence in our service.  Because we always aim to ensure that your renovation experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible – the perfect formula for a happy homeowner and a beautiful new house!

Above all else, Reborn Renovations wants to make a difference in the lives of our Calgary clients by doing what we do best. We approach home renovations in Calgary with the end results in mind, though taking every step to get there. Performance has always been the priority, and Reborn Renovations upholds the highest standards. With our decades of experience, quality materials and expert craftsmanship––you can be sure that the end result will last years. You don’t just have to take our word for it; we stand by our work and offer a 2-Year Warranty on all projects.

Check out our galleries and reviews to see what we can do for you and the impressions we left on our past clients. Call Now (403) 907-1092
What makes a great home renovation company is the team that represents it. We’re not just working with anyone, we’re making sure our team members are experts in their field.  We always do our due diligence when screening contractors to join our team. We take it very seriously because trust is one of the most important factors in creating a successful relationship with our Calgary clients.

With that in mind, Reborn Renovations prides itself on transparency. Therefore, we have contractor reviews on multiple third-party platforms, so you don’t have to wonder if our contractors are legitimate. Our award-winning service helps us stand out among other Calgary home renovation contractors. We’re working with the best of the best to offer you a service you’ll be 100% pleased with, striving to exceed your expectations in every way.  By working with us, you’ll feel confident your renovation is in good hands and know that you're choosing the right contractor. So, if you have any questions, contact us. We promise transparency in all of our dealings. We want you to feel assured in your choice to hire us and happy in the end.

Contact us today to have one of our experts meet with you and provide a detailed estimate to get started. Whether we are renovating a kitchen, adding a home additionbathroom renovation, or developing your basement – your perfect home renovation is only a call away!
Our team of renovation professionals (comprised of project managers, interior designers and experienced contractors) takes each renovation need –whether large or small – and makes it an opportunity to prove our creative excellence and high-quality work. No matter the challenges that arise or the problem-solving that requires patience, our quality of work is always timely and never wavering. Therefore, along with our expertise, integrity, dedication, and front-end communication in the forefront–– it’s no wonder why most of our renovations come directly from client referrals. We think that’s priceless!

Making the choice to expand, renovate or rejuvenate a home can overwhelm even the best of us. Once that choice has been made, the next decision to make is who you trust to do the work and bring your vision to life. Our clients choose us because we understand what it takes for you to make those choices when it comes to altering your living space. In other words, we appreciate your time, effort and planning to make those decisions and we don’t take it lightly, by any stretch. In fact, we take the project on as if it’s our own home (Don’t worry we’ll give it back when we’re finished!).
We’re always here to compete and we aspire to be the best of the best among Calgary renovation companies. You can expect the same award-winning service whenever you work with us.

At Reborn Renovations, therefore, we believe the secret to a good business is happy clients (not to mention happy homes!). But really, if not for our past and current clients, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We wouldn’t have had the achievements or bright future we’re so excited about now. Clients made us and we give back by doing what we do best. We build new custom home projects expertly and precisely, making our customers the happy homeowners they deserve.

If you are interested in learning more about our impeccable service, please view our galleries or read the many testimonials from previous clients. The home you’ve always wanted is only a call away!  Contact us for a quote to build your dream home.


As shown above, we specialize in complete home renovations in Calgary. We’ve proven over and over again that no project is too big or too small, complicated or complex. Reborn Renovations can do it all! Our job is to ensure your renovation is as smooth and as painless as possible. That’s why we’re going to provide your own personal team including a project manager, interior designer and seasoned contractors. They will ensure everything is done properly, no steps are overlooked, and you’re 100% satisfied when it’s done. We know no other renovation company can do it better than us!

So how do you start? We’re glad you asked! Fill out the form below or call us at (403) 907-1078 for an estimate.

We’re excited to hear about your renovation project and are ready to work with you on your personalized free estimate today!
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