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Legacy, SE Calgary

Published November 9, 2021
Updated: December 17, 2021
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Legacy - one of Calgary’s newer communities located in the deep south-east, is a hidden gem that has more to offer than you might think. 

The community has been part of Calgary since 2013 and was developed by WestCreek Developments. Legacy can be found along the southern boundary of Calgary with Foothills County, east of Macleod Trail. It is south of the community of Walden, and west of the Bow River. 

Part of what makes Legacy so attractive is that the amenities of a big city are a short drive away, but you have the small town community feel as well. 

Located in different parts of the community is beautiful architecture and sculptures for the public to enjoy. In 2016, Legacy’s first public art piece arrived in the community. It symbolizes the act of caring for others. The sculpture represents togetherness, friendship, and community. The vision WestCreek had for the sculpture was for residents to be able to enjoy Calgary’s growing cultural landscape right in their own community!

The neighbourhood was designed to offer timeless living for any stage of life. Living life to the fullest is possible due to all the amenities throughout. Currently, there are 7000 existing homes with more being built. Over 15,000 residents call Legacy home. 

 Some of the city’s top builders have made their mark in Legacy including Stepper Homes, Jayman, Shane Homes, and more. Classic architecture is meant to stand the test of time. Homes range from one-bedroom condos to luxury and estate lots. 

Legacy will be home to four schools as well. All Saints High School was founded in 2018 and is currently the only school that is open in the community. Future schools include a public elementary school, public junior high, and separate K-9 school. 

The all-inclusive neighbourhood is built for lifelong memories. The community includes some exquisite amenities that anyone can enjoy. 


The community offers something for individuals in every age group. From parks to a new shopping district, residents and visitors can enjoy a little bit of everything. 

Legacy has 1000 total acres of land development. 


The crowning jewel of the neighbourhood is the 15 km of scenic walking paths throughout. The paths wind through ponds, the development, and overlook a 300-acre environmental reserve. Since the area is protected, it will remain a key part of Legacy. 

The paths are perfect for bike rides, jogs, and walking. The paths are open year-round as well. There’s nothing better than enjoying the Calgary sun on a beautiful day. 

Residents can find picnic tables along the paths as well to enjoy a coffee or snack. 


Legacy is home to many young families. Children can enjoy five state-of-the art playgrounds located around the neighbourhood. 

The playgrounds are welcome for children of all ages to play. Instead of rocks or wood chips around the structure, soft rubber flooring surrounds each play area. 

It has been announced that more playgrounds will be built throughout the neighbourhood as well. 

Community Garden

Have a green thumb? This amenity is perfect for gardeners of all abilities and ages. The garden is maintained by the Legacy Resident Association – a non profit organization run by volunteers. The plots are based on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

The goal of the space is to increase biodiversity and community involvement. It is a great way to meet new people! 

The cost varies depending on the size of the plot. Prices are $35/year for a 3’x8’ plot and $17.50/year for a 3’x4’ plot. This fee covers general upkeep and maintenance. 

Green Spaces

Legacy is home to 10 parks and four soccer fields. It’s even possible to walk from one end of the community to the other without ever leaving the scenic green areas thanks to all the pathways. 

Bus Routes

In the summer of 2017, a bus route was put into place. Route 167 and 168 connect residents to where they need to go. The routes connect to the Somerset train station. Legacy is one of the only new communities in Calgary to provide transit access to residents. 

Shopping District

The community boasts 800,000 square feet of commercial space. The commercial spaces are home to local restaurants, barber shops, medical, department stores, and childcare services. 

In 2021, the newest commercial spaces Township and Legacy Grove, opened. These new spaces include restaurants, pet shops, grocery stores, and more. F45 Legacy was also introduced in the summer of 2021. 

These shops bring life into the community and are putting it on the map! Legacy is no longer a suburb only for residents, but visitors can find something to enjoy too. 

Bone and Biscuit Legacy and TailBlazers Legacy are specialty pet shops that provide quality foods, toys, and pet accessories for residents in the area. 

Some local restaurants include:

The Mash where the specialty served is pizza made from brewer's spent grains. 

Jon Smith Subs provides customers with the freshest, highest quality ingredients in their sandwiches. 


What makes a neighbourhood special is the community within it! Over 2000 Calgarians call Legacy home. 

In 2014, the Legacy Residents Association was formed as a way to enhance the community as well as increase neighbourly interactions. Their goal is to create a homebase rather than just owning a home. This is a non-profit organization that manages maintenance within the community. 

During the holiday season, they provide a beautiful light display and a skating rink that is free of charge for residents to enjoy. 

In addition to the Residents Association, there is also the community association. The community association was formed by residents to support recreational and educational needs in the neighbourhood. 

Their goal is to get  community members to actively engage and be involved. They facilitate recreational, cultural, social, athletic and educational activities for residents to enjoy. Some of these events include food truck bookings, decorating contests, giveaways, and more! They provide venues and platforms to build the community up together.

They are always looking for volunteers so this is a great way to meet like-minded individuals in the community. They want to provide a safe, caring and vibrant community where people are connected.

Legacy truly is an energetic community with tons of potential!

Postal and Geographic Area

Legacy is located in the forward sortation areas(FSA) of T2X designated by Canada Post (T2X 0Y6), and at a geographic location of 50°51'38.6"N 114°01'02.5"W

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