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Reborn Renovations is Calgary's award-winning bathroom renovator of choice
Reborn Renovations was the proud recipient of the Canadian Home Builders Association's 2021 Award for Best Bathroom Renovation in Canada, as well as being a multiple time finalist for additional CHBA awards, BILD award's Best Bathroom finalist for our Lake Chapparel Bathroom Renovation, a multiple Homestar Award winner, and much more, it's clear that Reborn has the experience to bring your dream renovation to life.

Stunning, Modern Design

Our in-house design team works together with you to create the plans for your stunning new bathroom renovation or en suite addition
Together we'll choose the styles, colours, faucets and fixtures, and layout that bring your vision to life.

Multiple Award Winner

The quality of the work and designs by Reborn are recognized and evidenced by our multiple awards and nominations, including winning a Canadian Home Builders Association award for one of the best renovations in Canada for 2021.

No Hidden Costs

Once we work together to understand your dream renovation goals, we put together a detailed plan and proposal that includes all costs and expenses in your project. That way you're never met with an unexpected expense during or after your renovation.

  • Reborn Renovations completed a beautiful bathroom for my parents this spring and I was so happy with the results. They made my mom's dream bathroom a reality. The process was really easy and the staff helped my mom and dad with every step of the way. They needed to make some custom design changes to make the bathroom a little more accessible, or senior friendly, and it turned out great. The price was really competitive compared to the other bathroom contractors in Calgary I spoke with, and the quality of work is exceptional. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a quality bathroom renovation.

    Laura L.

    Altadore, South West Calgary

  • My upstairs had been a big construction zone for the past year and a half. We had two bedrooms and a master bathroom to remodel, and also wanted an ensuite addition in the second room. I was in over my head and needed a professional to come in and take care of the rest of the project. We hired Reborn and were incredibly impressed with the results we received from their work. They were a huge help and I love the finished results. Steve was professional and took care of everything for us, and I'm so glad they were able to get this done for us.

    Don W.

    Lake Bonaventure, South West Calgary

  • We came across Reborn Renovations online while looking for a bathroom renovation company in Calgary to complete our basement bathroom renovation. We wanted to add in a steam shower and a sauna where we could really relax. We looked through their gallery and after speaking with Danielle and coming up with a few bathroom designs, we were so impressed with their work that we decided to go with them. They were great to work with and the end result was exactly what we asked for. Reborn Renovations is a renovator that I would recommend without hesitation.

    Erzsi and Luca N.

    Willow Park, SE Calgary

  • One of the old Poly B lines in our bathroom burst and flooded a corner of our house while we were out of town, leaving us needing to have some extreme restoration work done. Reborn came out, they worked with our insurance to get the repairs done, and the new finished bathroom looks great. Thanks Reborn!

    Percy C.

    Mount Pleasant, NW Calgary

  • I just had my bathroom remodeled by Reborn Renovations. They did an amazing job. After the remodel, the bathroom looks 10 times better, is more spacious, and is much more functional. I am so happy with their work. The service was fantastic, they were on time, and the cost was what we agreed upon. I would definitely recommend them to others.

    Victoria R.

    Mayfair, South West Calgary

  • I was referred to Reborn Renovations by a friend and I'm so glad I was. I had a bathroom renovation done a few months ago and I am thrilled with the results. We converted the den area upstairs into a second bedroom ourselves, and wanted to make a new bathroom with two entry doors in place of the old master bath so both bedrooms could access it. Our PM Bob and the team at Reborn really paid attention to detail and was professional every step of the way.

    Cherise F.

    Panorama Hills, NW Calgary

  • I'm not sure what it is about home and bath renovations, but I always seem to get the urge to try and renovate it myself haha... this old house always makes it look so easy! But I know nothing about renovations or using tools in real life. I don’t know the steps to build a bathroom, I know nothing about code, like what bathroom window size do I need to have? I have no clue. The wife talked me out of attempting this one and said let’s just cut to the chase and hire a remodeler…. She was right of course. Jesse was a good dude, Reborn was great, the bathroom looks awesome, definitely saved me the headache I knew I would’ve gotten myself into.

    Teddy S.

    Arbour Lake, NW Calgary

  • I really appreciated the quality design they put into my bath and the work they did was flawless. They were able to complete my project in an efficient manner and at a great price while incorporating my unique requests. I had wanted to use some reclaimed materials and keep the old antique clawfoot bathtub that we had originally. In the end we were left with everything we had asked for.
    Great experience, and when I look to renovate other areas of my home, they’ll be the first I call.

    Gwendolyn S.

    Crescent Heights, NW Calgary

  • We were just starting the process of finishing our attached garage and wanted to add an exterior bathroom in it. This meant a lot of jackhammering and running of new sewer and water lines from inside. We have radiant heating in the slab, so we had to be careful about how we’d run things to not damage that. We also weren’t sure if we needed permits to build this bathroom, so we wanted to make sure we went with a company who could handle all of that for us.
    Reborn pulled any permits we needed, ensured piping was installed properly and without damaging the infloor. They completed the bathroom build quickly, and even though it’s just a simple garage bathroom, we’re super happy with how it looks and we’d hire Reborn again in a heartbeat. Stress free experience.

    Brian and Lauren B.

    Cranston, SE Calgary

  • My husband and I own several rental properties in Calgary and were looking to make upgrades to all of them before tenants moved in. We needed a company that was both familiar with the residential bathroom code requirements, as well as did high quality, attractive, work.
    There were plenty of good options, but we chose Reborn because of their warranty.
    They were fast and on budget, and while we did run into a few hiccups with backordered items (due to COVID, not due to Reborn), our rep Murray was always fast and efficient at finding a substitute part or new supplier. When we remodel our own home in the spring, we’ll be using Reborn.



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Complete our brief, no obligation application, to find out if you're approved for financing on your renovation in just minutes.
You’ve probably found a range of estimates when it comes to the cost of renovating a bathroom. You can find an array of numbers when searching on the internet. That’s because no one will be able to give you an accurate renovation estimate without speaking to you and seeing the project itself firsthand.

No bathroom is the same, and there are plenty of variables when it comes to space, fixtures, and other design elements. Trust Reborn Renovations to accurately assess your bathroom renovation project. We’ll put together a solid estimate and do everything within our power to stay within the agreed-upon budget.

The average main bathroom renovation cost starts at $10,000 for a retrofit of the entire bathroom, but can go as high as $20,000 for tub to shower conversions and higher end finishings with custom elements.

An en-suite typically costs around $25,000-$30,000, but can reach the $40,000 plus range with things like steam showers, in floor heating, built ins, premium finishings, wall full wall coverings, and many other optional add-ons we offer. However, it largely depends on the age of the home, the size and what materials you want to use, code upgrade requirements, and other nuances our expert sales reps will assess.

Increasing the size of the bathroom or moving around plumbing can be expensive changes that may push the total higher. If you’re planning a full bathroom remodel (tiles, bath/shower, fixtures, toilet, cabinetry, in floor heating) it will cost more than if you’re just focusing on the aesthetic pieces (tiles, floor, fixtures).

The team at Reborn Renovations works for you and with you to present an easy, accurate, and maybe even fun process for bathroom renovation in Calgary. It’s important to us that we go above and beyond for our customers because we take pride in our work. We want to earn and maintain your trust so that we can be your go-to company for any home maintenance or renovation needs you may have in the future.

Don’t have the money up front? That’s okay with us! Reborn Renovations offers financing with 0% down and no payment for 3 months! Depending on your renovation needs, you’ll only pay between $145 – $385 a month. It’s a steal!

Our goal is to ensure that we meet your bathroom renovation and financial needs with success.

Reborn Renovations typical minimum project budget is $50,000. However, we are able to recommend and assist in connecting your with one of our preferred renovation partners should your renovation be smaller in scope and budget than our minimum.
With your vision and our expertise, Reborn Renovations can make your bathroom design dreams come true. Reborn is an award-winning renovation company because we do things right the first time.

While we work on your bathroom remodel, you can rest assured that everything is getting done to the highest standards. In our years of bathroom renovations in Calgary, we’ve done everything from creating a full spa experience to a sleek and modern look, all while keeping practicality in mind. There’s a perfect bathroom design for everyone, and we can help you find the ideal balance between luxury and functionality in your bathroom renovation.

No matter the size or vision, Reborn Renovations is the right team to help you achieve your bathroom renovation goals. If you’d like to see some of the fantastic work we’ve done, check out our gallery.
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