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Reborn Renovations and Restorations is your best choice for residential and commercial disinfection services in Calgary.

With respiratory issues running rampant, more and more people are looking for a reputable COVID-19 commercial disinfection service to limit the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Call Reborn Renovations and Restorations for a professional consultation and estimate for your disinfection and sanitization needs. 

At Reborn, we’re known for our superb home and commercial renovation reputation. However, that is not all we do. We also provide restorations, and maintain homes for our customers. You may think maintenance would only include repairs and general upkeep, but we pride ourselves in being a full service company.

With our extensive background in mold and asbestos removal, it was a natural transition for Reborn to tackle residential or commercial disinfection and sanitization.

By choosing Reborn for your commercial disinfection service, you can proudly display that the proper measurements required for a safe and clean work environment have been made.

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Helping our customers feel safe in their homes and offices in every possible way is our top priority. That is why we do not just fix the cosmetic and structural issues and deficiencies you can see. As a natural extension to our current restoration services, we also offer home disinfection in Calgary, as well as sanitization services, to kill the germs and bacteria you cannot see.

We abide by all industry regulations. We use pre-validated control measures, which is a fancy way of saying proven home disinfection and sanitization methods. Some disinfection methods are too harsh to use in a residential setting. If you try the DIY approach or choose an inexperienced company, you may end up with damage to your interior.

In addition to ensuring that our skilled techs learn everything they possibly can about spraying your home or commercial establishment for harmful contagions, Reborn Renovations and Restorations insists that every home is treated with the utmost respect.

Don’t put your health at risk by choosing a company that hasn’t done their due diligence. There is a good reason why Reborn is the top choice for home and commercial sanitization in Calgary, as well as disinfection.  

Covid-19 Disinfection Services Calgary

As we mentioned, although we are a home renovation and restoration company, we are fully-equipped to disinfect and sanitize commercial spaces. From school buildings to corporate offices to small businesses and more, we can help you, your staff, and members of the community feel confident that you’re making their health a priority.

The methods we use are very similar to those we employ for our home disinfection and sanitization services, only the equipment and range is larger and more heavy-duty, allowing us to effectively and efficiently spray and fog commercial buildings.

When a person decides to have their home disinfected and sanitized, it’s typically to give them peace of mind. It’s an extra step they can take to ensure the safety of their family. A business owner, however, feels a certain responsibility to make sure their establishment is as safe and pristine as possible. After all, it’s not just one family that might be affected by stray germs in their facility—it’s multiple families.

Call our sales rep today to make an appointment for a free estimate. You, your employees, and people who pass through will benefit from the expert care and knowledge we offer in the field of disinfection and sanitization.

A team of our trusted, experienced technicians will come to your business, spray or fog as necessary, and hand-wipe any additional surfaces. While cleaning for any visible messes prior to our arrival is ideal, you don’t need to worry about clearing surfaces of office equipment, sports equipment, etc. We make sure it all gets properly disinfected and sanitized. (Any commercial space involving food or food products may have different preparation requirements.)

Save yourself time and money by taking advantage of our competitive pricing and financing options.

You may be wondering how spending money on something like this would save you money, but having healthy employees means less sick leave and no scrambling to find coverage. Your staff will be less stressed and, especially when there are viruses like the coronavirus, norovirus, flu, and more making the rounds, they’ll feel confident, comfortable, and cared for. You’re boosting morale, too!

Our fine disinfection mist kills 99.99% of harmful viruses, bacteria, allergens, fungi, and mold. You can feel confident that our spray will reach every inch of your business, including the air ducts. We are licensed and insured, and ready to help make Calgary’s commercial spaces a healthy, happy place for employees and community members to gather!

Call Reborn Renovations and Restorations today to discuss your commercial disinfection and sanitization needs in Calgary. Our experienced, certified technicians are proud to serve the Calgary area by ensuring the health and safety of those who come in contact with schools, offices, commercial kitchens, small businesses, gyms, community centers, churches, public buildings, and more.

Don’t wait until an outbreak of illness occurs to get in touch! Take preventative measures to keep contaminants out of your place of business or gathering now.v


You may find plenty of companies that are focused on disinfecting and sanitizing huge spaces that see a lot of use, such as commercial buildings, playground equipment, hospitals, commercial buildings, airports, schools, office buildings, hotels, etc.

While we certainly service commercial and other public areas of this scope and magnitude, we at Reborn Renovations and Restorations know that it’s not just big companies and public offices that are concerned with germs, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. If you, like most people in Calgary right now, are at home wondering what viruses and bacteria might have been brought into your home or business, Reborn Renovations and Restorations is here to help.

The immunocompromised, small children, and the elderly are particularly susceptible to illness. These high risk people are not all located in hospitals or nursing homes where the risks of infection are higher. They may not have the luxury of a company or government mandated infection control plan. That is where Reborn comes in, offering professional, reliable, and affordable Calgary home disinfection services as well as effective sanitization services.

Call Reborn today to set up a free consultation to discuss our many home disinfection and sanitization services available in Calgary. These include fogging, spraying hard and soft surfaces, and other applications of our EPA certified and Health Canada approved anti-microbial, anti-viral, low VOC, biodegradable, botanical cleaner. This cleaner has effectiveness in killing human coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019), in 4 minutes.

This product is also a deodorizer. It smells great, removes 99.9% of allergens, is safe on food surfaces, does not require rinsing, kills odor-causing bacteria, is non-abrasive and non-corrosive, and it’s free of chlorine and phosphates. It also kills 99.9% of viruses (1 minute), bacteria (2 minutes), fungi, molds, Mycobacterium, and tuberculosis (3 minutes).

What will you get for your investment?

  • Disinfection and sanitization experts who use the most effective products and equipment on the market.
  • A thorough disinfecting job that gets into every crevice, including air vents.
  • A thorough sanitization job that treats all soft surfaces.
  • A clean, healthy and deodorized environment.
  • Peace of mind.
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Before going into further detail about our services and process, let’s talk about what these words mean.

Disinfection is using safe but powerful chemicals to remove and kill most harmful viruses and bacteria, not just reduce them. For full effectiveness, this must be done in a clean home or business after visible messes have been removed.

Sanitization is the process of using cleaning and disinfecting techniques to reduce the number of infectious agents in your home. You probably do this to some degree already by using cleaning products on hard surfaces.

Sterilization requires a much more specialized process, equipment, and certification process to kill all microorganisms, and is often done at the healthcare level. Although Reborn Renovations and Restorations follows the guidelines set out by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and is in the process of becoming certified, we are not currently offering home or commercial sterilization in Calgary .

What does Reborn’s fogging and spray disinfection and sanitization services do that home cleaning products do not?

Quite simply, what sets us apart is our ability to reach deeply into areas traditional methods and products cannot reach. Droplets from coughing and sneezing can land in small cracks and crevices the average person cannot reach or see. They linger on both hard and soft surfaces. Our professionally trained and certified technicians can disinfect all hard surfaces and sanitize all soft surfaces in your home or business, leaving you with a clean, safe environment for you and your loved ones or employees.

To be clear, Reborn Renovations and Restorations is not offering residential and commercial cleaning or janitorial services. We are joining the fight against the spread of harmful bacterial and viral pathogens that can lead to communicable diseases. By using our passion for helping people and industry know-how to disinfect and sanitize homes and workplaces, Reborn assists in protecting homeowners and their children, business owners, employees, pets, and the environment during these times of uncertainty.

Unlike daily cleaning to remove germs from a visibly smudged or dirty surface, disinfecting and sanitizing is often overlooked as an important deep cleaning regimen that ought to be conducted periodically throughout the year. By partnering with Reborn Renovations and Restorations on a seasonal deep cleaning regimen, you can routinely eliminate the many undesirable and harmful microbes in your home or office.

Call our helpful experts on disinfection in Calgary today.


Reborn Renovations and Restorations’ Calgary home sanitization service, and office disinfection service,  utilizes the best products in the business.

Spray disinfection involves bringing in specialty equipment that creates a very fine mist, allowing for deep penetration and enhanced dwell time in the air for increased effectiveness. This fine mist coats every surface and gets in each tiny crack to kill germs you can’t easily reach. Because particles are sent into the air, we make sure the HVAC system is turned on so that even your air ducts can be treated for harmful viruses and bacteria. This same cleaner is used for the sanitization of soft surfaces.

There is no scrubbing or rinsing required, so Reborn Renovations and Restorations will be in and out very quickly. For extra care, some high-touch surfaces such as counter tops, doorknobs, cabinet doors, toilets, faucets, and other requested areas will be hand-wiped. We want to be sure you are getting the best results from your residential or commercial disinfection in Calgary.

In addition to the airless spray application, Reborn also offers ULV and thermal fogging using a botanical disinfectant, which has increased effectiveness in neutralizing odors. Fogging is a particularly popular indoor disinfecting method used in various building settings, including medical facilities.

If you think home or office disinfection and sanitization is something you would benefit from, you can receive a free consultation and estimate, during which a meticulous inspection of your needs will be reflected in a detailed quote. We can do the same for any commercial office or facility. Reborn Renovations and Restorations is also able to provide estimates based on pictures, measurements, and a detailed list of areas that you would like included.


There are plenty of things to worry about in life, and we at Reborn Renovations and Restorations believe that getting sick shouldn’t have to be one of them.

Many companies try to sell inferior products, and many products claim to do more than they can. We make sure the products being used are EPA-registered, Health Canada Approved, and effective on all kinds of viruses and bacteria.

Did you know that there are two types of viruses? Some are “enveloped” and some are “non-enveloped”. Enveloped viruses (e.g. coronavirus) are easier to kill, and non-enveloped viruses (e.g. norovirus) are harder to kill.

The products we use are top-of-the-line, designed and proven effective in killing both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. Although Reborn Renovations and Restorations uses products and processes that are effective in coronavirus disinfection, we are not just a coronavirus disinfection company. Illnesses like the flu and infections like Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Sureus (MRSA) can still occur even if they are not at the center of media attention.

Protect yourself with a professionally-licensed and insured company that has a stellar reputation, like Reborn Renovations and Restorations.


Getting sick can mean losing pay and precious time with family and friends. It also means feeling miserable. The flu virus can live up to 48 hours on whatever surface it lands on. The scariest health threat at the moment, COVID-19, can live on various surfaces much longer. From the CDC:

“SARS-CoV-2 RNA was identified on a variety of surfaces in cabins of both symptomatic and asymptomatic infected passengers up to 17 days after cabins were vacated on the Diamond Princess”

A sneeze can travel six feet. One cough can produce 3,000 droplets. Getting sick and coming into contact with germs is a fact of life, but there are steps you can take to stay healthy. Wash your hands. Try not to touch your face. Carry hand sanitizer with you.

Once or twice a year, call the experts at Reborn Renovations and Restorations to fully disinfect and sanitize your home or business and give you peace of mind. We can help you feel confident that you, as the homeowner, are doing are doing everything you can to keep your family safe, happy, and healthy. As a business owner, you’re doing everthing you can to keep your commercial space pristine.


Reborn Renovations and Restorations is proud to offer free estimates for customers during this unprecedented time. We are not a home disinfection and sanitization company masquerading as a coronavirus disinfection service; we are a home renovation company looking to help our customers, old and new, destroy every harmful germ in their home and business.

We are able to provide an estimate for our services over the phone, based on the square footage of your space, as well as other information your sales rep may require. If you’d rather meet with us in person, we are more than happy to provide an in-person estimate.

It’s all about you, your health, and your comfort level. Our representatives are standing by to answer your questions and help you schedule your free estimate today.

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