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Home Additions Calgary

Of our all renovations, Reborn Renovations is known for our Custom Calgary Home Additions. Our dedication and commitment to bringing to life your custom addition goals and creating more space for your family is what's made us Calgary's 5 time Top Choice Home Addition contractor.
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Custom Calgary Home Additions and Home Expansions

Helping your Calgary home grow with you for over 15 years

Our team is no stranger to complex renovation projects like Home Additions in Calgary, Second Story Additions, and even brand new developments. We can work with you to determine your needs, your goals, and discover the design styles you love, and then bring your new custom home addition to life. Adding square footage and value to your existing home.

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Starting at just $500

Our team of expert designers can help you start your renovation out on the right foot with detailed architectural drawings, floor plans, and finishing selections.

We also offer a FREE, one hour, virtual design consultation to help you get started.

The Types of Home Additions Calgary

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Second Storey Additions

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Third Storey Additions

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Main Floor Addition

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Main Floor Addition
(with Basement)

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Garage Additions

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Sun Room Additions

Reborn Renovations offers a variety of different options when it comes to Calgary home additions, and each option comes with it's own benefits, challenges and pricing considerations.

We have the option to build up with a second storey or third storey addition. These are perfect options for homes that may not have much space on their lot to expand outwards.
A typical example of a second storey addition is an above garage addition. Second and third storey additions tend to be the cheapest type of home addition because they require no additional foundation to be built, and in most cases simply will require additional framing.

Next we have the option to build outwards with a main floor addition, sometimes referred to as a main floor bump out. Our options with these types of additions are nearly limitless given we have enough space on the property to expand your home outwards, and we are able to meet all required building regulations for the envisioned addition. A main floor addition can be something simple like adding a new mudroom, expanding out a kitchen, or extending on to add a new primary bedroom and ensuite.
We can add additional parking space, storage, or work space with an attached garage addition, or a simple (or maybe not so simple!) sun room.
These types of home additions tend to be more costly in price than a second or third storey addition because they will also require an appropriate foundation to be built for the home extension to be built upon.

And lastly we have a main floor addition including basement. While what's encompassed by this type of addition is self explanatory, these tend to be the most costly as they will require excavation to expand out the existing basement of your home.

If you're unsure what type of addition is best for you and your home, our expert team can help answer any of your questions and guide you in the right direction when it comes to adding more functional square footage to your home.

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Calgary's Premier Home Addition Contractor

Reborn Renovations is Calgary's award-winning Home Addition Company of choice

At Reborn Renovations, we're known for home additions. Whether it be a small kitchen bump out, or adding an entirely new floor onto your home, we have the knowledge and experience to bring your project to life, and the accolades to prove we're Calgary's best choice when it comes to custom home additions.

Stunning, Modern Design

Our in-house design and architectural team work together with you to understand your goals with your new home addition. We work with you to create interior designs and renders before we ever get started so you know exactly what you'll see brought to life. Together we'll choose the styles, colours, appliances, fixtures, and layout that will make your new space not only functional, but also breathtaking.

Multiple Award Winning Renovations

Our work on large scale renovations and additions hasn't gone unnoticed!

Reborn was the proud recipient of the 2022 CICBA CUBE Award for Best Renovation in Calgary and the 2022 CHBA finalist for Best Renovation in Canada for our Sundance Kitchen Addition.
Our Airdrie Home Addition was the CHBA 2021 finalist for Best Renovation in Canada.
And our De Winton Development was the Winner of the 2022 BILD Calgary Award, and 2023 CICBA Cube Award for new development.

Up Front, Honest Pricing

We pride ourselves on our detailed and accurate pricing methods. Once we work together to understand your dream renovation and home expansion goals, we put together a detailed plan and proposal that includes all costs and expenses in your project. That way you're never met with an unexpected expense during or after your project.

Custom Home Additions in Calgary

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  • "I'm glad I chose to work with Reborn Renovations."

    Marchin S.
    Signal Hill, South West Calgary
    "I'm glad I chose to work with Reborn Renovations."

    I hired Reborn Renovations to complete my second storey addition project. I’m told it’s a pretty uncommon build in Calgary, so I wasn't sure if the job would be done properly and I was concerned about the cost. I chose to work with them because they were one of few companies in Calgary that were willing to do this type of project. The building process was easy and I was always able to get in touch with Brett our project manager to get updates. I'm very happy with how my new addition turned out and I'm glad I chose to work with Reborn Renovations. They were able to work with my budget and cater to my needs. I was able to get the work completed quickly and I am so happy with the result.

  • "I don’t know if I would feel comfortable hiring any other builder or contractor except Reborn Renovations"

    Marge T.
    Willow Park, South East Calgary
    "I don’t know if I would feel comfortable hiring any other builder or contractor except Reborn Renovations"

    We had Reborn Renovations build for us a new home addition last spring. Off the side of the house we were able to add about another 600sqft with our home addition. We used the space to extend out the living room, the kitchen, laundry room, mud room so they could all feel less cramped and give our family more room. It took about 6 months from start to finish, and was ready just in time for family to visit in the fall. I can’t express how grateful we are to have had Reborn and Brett looking after us with this project. Brett the PM and Danielle the designer were extremely polite, professional and really listed to us when it came to what we wanted. Looking back on how well this project went, I don’t know if I would feel comfortable hiring any other builder or contractor except Reborn Renovations in the future. I felt like we were in good hands from beginning to end.

  • "...the quality of their work was top-notch."

    Terrance P.
    Fairview, South East Calgary
    "...the quality of their work was top-notch."

    I had spoken to about 3 or 4 other builders in Calgary before I found Reborn Renovations online. I was really happy with the service they provided. For such a big project, they were able to give me a quote really quickly, and the quality of their work was top-notch. I was also really impressed with the customer service. Bob managed our addition and made sure everything was done to a high standard. If you need a contractor for house additions, I recommend giving them a try.

  • "I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a truly professional home addition contractor."

    Dave F.
    Cambrian Heights, NW Calgary
    "I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a truly professional home addition contractor."

    I loved working with Reborn because they were so responsive and very flexible. They were able to meet all of my design needs and they were able to do it quickly. The price was very reasonable, and every part of their work is high quality. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a truly professional home addition contractor.

  • "The team did a great job ensuring that my home addition was done to my liking."

    Cliff W.
    Huntington Hills, NW Calgary
    "The team did a great job ensuring that my home addition was done to my liking."

    We had a house addition done back in early 2020 by Reborn Renovations to accommodate two new bedrooms. Bob, our project manager, was courteous and knowledgeable each time we met with him. The team did a great job ensuring that my home addition was done to my liking.

  • "It is above and beyond the quality of work I was expecting on this house addition."

    Shayna A.
    "It is above and beyond the quality of work I was expecting on this house addition."

    We recently purchased a house with big plans of adding a smaller development on the property for an inlaw suite. Sadly the permitting wouldn’t allow us to add a second building on the parcel we own, but we were able to add an addition to our existing structure. I was worried about the cost, time, and complexity of altering the existing structure of the home. When I came across Reborn Renovations, I browsed their gallery, their awards and read their reviews online. I knew that they would be able to give me a new home addition that I could afford and that would include the features that I wanted in the originally planned second building. I appreciated that our project manager really listened to my requests. It is above and beyond the quality of work I was expecting on this house addition. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a new addition to their home.

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More Information About Our Home Addition Services

If you find yourself with a home full of memories, in a location and neighbourhood you love, but you're running out of room to accommodate new and growing life changes, a home addition in Calgary is an incredible option.
Learn more about our Interior Design Packages
Starting at just $500

Our team of expert designers can help you start your renovation out on the right foot with detailed architectural drawings, floor plans, and finishing selections.

We also offer a FREE, one hour, virtual design consultation to help you get started.

There is nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. However, as lifestyles change and families grow, that perfect home often begins to feel cramped and impractical. With a new home addition, you don’t want to leave your neighbors, the school district, or the house in which you’ve made so many memories.

So what are your options?

In this situation, we recommend adding a home extension on to your existing home. Reborn Renovations is an experienced industry leader when it comes to home additions and room additions. We can create a new space that caters to your new needs, and most importantly we can keep you in the home you love.

Homeowners often find the idea of an home addition intimidating. The decisions, the investment, and living through construction can quickly become overwhelming. Therefore, it’s important to find the right home renovation contractor, and to make sure you're collaborating with an experienced company like Reborn Renovations when considering home expansions. Our experienced staff and contractors live to make the process of adding on as easy, stress-free, and maybe even fun as possible.

We have the market knowledge. We guarantee the quality of our building products, and we employ the best teams to get every job done right the first time. From designing the new structure to product selection, our representatives will deliver nothing but the best in service and craftsmanship.

There are many options available when it comes to increasing your current living space.

  •  First, we’ll talk about adding a second story.

Adding a second story is a big investment, but it’s often the more sensible choice for families looking to expand their home. You can keep your yard by building up instead of out, you save on foundation costs (as long as yours is approved to handle the extra load), and you get to stay in the home you love while drastically increasing its value.

It is easy to go wrong with a second-story addition, which is why it’s important to go with a trustworthy company like Reborn Renovations. We strive to make sure every home addition looks nothing like an addition. Sometimes it’s too obvious that a house has had a second story added because the windows, proportions, and details just look off. With our team of expert builders and designers, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

  • Next, we offer the option of building out.

Often, we hear clients say “If I had just one more room, this house would be perfect.” Tacking on an extra bedroom or bathroom is no problem for Reborn Renovations. Add square footage and property value, increase your quality of life, and make your cramped home your dream home again. 

Building out doesn’t have to be an entire room. Micro-additions, or bump-outs, are becoming increasingly popular. These additions add up to 100 square feet of living space and are more cost-effective than adding an entire room. Typically, micro-additions are added on to an existing room. This may give you extra kitchen space, a mud room, an extra full bath, or a window seat with book storage. If you have a specific, small space goal in mind, then a micro-addition by Reborn Renovations might be the right option for you.


  • Additionally, we like to think outside of the box. Sometimes the best option for adding extra living space is right above your attached garage.

Utilizing the space above an attached garage is an excellent solution for families who are looking for a bonus room addition. The footprint of the home and landscaping aren’t affected, and because most of the work is taking place away from the main areas of the house, people often find that living through the construction process is easier, too. 

An addition above the garage is great for rooms that require a little more privacy, like an in-law suite, an entertainment space, or a home office. However, the space can easily be utilized for more practical purposes, like adding that additional bathroom and/or bedroom. 

If you have an attached garage, but you’re having trouble visualizing the way it might fit your needs, contact one of our designers today! We do this all day, every day, and we know we have a solution that will work for you. 

What can Reborn Renovations do for you?

Between our design team and experienced tradesmen, Reborn Renovations can create amazing, custom home additions and home extensions that will enhance the layout and functionality of your home. We work with you to create a design, and once that visual has been approved, we can begin the construction phase. With our special attention to detail and skilled workmanship, your new home addition will look and feel as if it has been there all along. 

Visit our home renovations page for more information on the processes involved and services available.

Unlike our competitors, we offer a wide range of selections, layouts, and customizable options. We take pride in being the market leader when it comes to home additions and home extensions that fit your lifestyle and budget.

For a more  comprehensive breakdown of the cost of a home addition in Calgary, check out this post.

Home Additions costs come with a wide range of prices, as there are so many factors, options, and scenarios. Will it be a bump out of a bungalow, or a two or three storey addition? Do you want a full foundation, or a crawl space? Will there be a bonus room over the garage? Some more simplistic additions like an extended entry for a mud room can be in the $20,000-$30,000 range.

The size of the addition and its interior floor plan are the biggest variables that drive the price up or down. Whereas a bonus room over a garage starts at $60,000, adding bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. can easily double that number. Whereas a living room extension in the front of your home can cost $20,000, a kitchen extension out the back can be $100,000 plus.

We are happy to provide our most specialized sales reps for a detailed in home consultation, which also comes with a viability pre screening with the City to make sure your vision is within the setback and code allowances.

Reborn Renovations typical minimum project budget is $50,000. However, we are able to recommend and assist in connecting your with one of our preferred renovation partners should your renovation be smaller in scope and budget than our minimum.

OUR 5 STEP Home Addition Process

During the preliminary development assessment, our team will discuss your vision. We’ll look at the overall design, layout, concepts, and construction process of the home addition you’re looking to make and know where we need to start. From there, we’ll be able to give you a preliminary estimate and deadline for project completion. We can discuss payment structure, and this is also the point at which we will examine important details like zoning and HOA restrictions to avoid any future inconvenience.

Once this step is taken care of, we can really get going on your home addition project.

This is the phase where the magic happens. Our expert designers and operation staff members collaborate to ensure that all your expectations are met in the final design. Both teams work hard to meet all of your needs and incorporate all of the important home expansion details while staying on budget.

The preconstruction design specification and planning, while mostly behind-the-scenes, typically consumes one to three months of the project. This doesn’t mean you’re pushed out of the process. On the contrary, we make sure we’re ready to meet at your convenience to make absolutely sure we have all of the necessary details. We want you to be fully satisfied with the direction of the project. This step begins once we receive an initial deposit.

At Reborn Renovations, we are meticulous when it comes to detail! In this phase of the project, we go through the home extension details again to ensure that your selections, layout, design, and budget requirements are all being met in the design we’ve created just for you. You’ll get a rough illustration of how your new home is expected to look, and we’ll sign the final contract.

Your participation in this step is an integral part of ensuring your complete satisfaction with the project. Once the contract is signed, we’ll collect a construction deposit and move on to step number 4.

This is where we get to focus on how the new home addition will affect the outside of your home. Our developer will require specific details, such as color, style, scale, materials, and landscaping. These are the architectural standards. We’ll match the look of the addition so that it complements the existing home, whether it’s a small-scale project or a full second-story add-on.

Once these decisions have been made, we can submit the application forms, drawings, and everything else we need to ensure we are complying with municipal requirements and obtain a building permit.

About a month before we complete your custom home building project, our project manager will update the date of possession for the property. During this time, the experts at Reborn Renovations will conduct rigorous inspections to ensure that all deficiency items, touch-ups, and completions are taken care of before giving possession to the owner. Our goal is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the look and feel of your new addition at the time of orientation.

Before we hand the reins over to you, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about maintaining the durability of your home or room addition and its furnishings for years to come. We often form strong ties with our customers during this stage because we want to be there for you beyond project completion and warranty expiration. We want you to be happy in what will essentially be your new home

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