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With over a decade of home construction experience under our belts, Reborn has become the go-to company for luxury renovations, and home developments in Calgary. These Calgary home builders are happy to craft a single-family home anywhere in the city and surrounding areas. However, Reborn is a particularly excellent choice for inner city developments (also known as infill homes) and acreage developments.


Reborn has already made a name for itself in the construction industry, but did you know that this luxury renovation company can also design and build your infill dream home from the ground up? If you have come across this page, you probably know just how beneficial infill building can be to both the buyer and the community.

Making sure a new build is environmentally friendly has become imperative to home builders and homeowners alike. Infill building is a popular choice amongst the eco-conscious because it involves building a new home within an existing city space. The alternative means branching out into a new space and causing disruption to the surrounding, often uninhabited, area.

At Reborn, we specialize in single-family homes built on inner-city lots that are vacant or hold an older, possibly derelict, structure. You take care of buying the lot, and Reborn can handle the rest of the project from start to finish. Demolition, zoning, permits, design, and, of course, building the home can all be achieved by trusting our Calgary home experts.

Inner-city development can help improve the community, which will make the area more appealing to other home buyers. By spear-heading this movement, you could find yourself sitting on a very solid real estate investment. Detached infill homes, which is the type we typically build, are especially desirable. In an area crammed with duplexes and semi-attached homes, self-contained single-family homes are considered somewhat luxurious.

City living places you in the center of the action, allowing you to take advantage of public transportation and quick, easy access to jobs, schools, restaurants, and stores. Invest in your community and your future with a brand new infill home from Reborn. You can have your dream home and life in the city, too!

Not every home builder in Calgary will know how to maneuver when it comes to building a new home in a busy metropolis. Things like building height, street and sidewalk blockage, and maximizing space are all added considerations that the average home builder does not generally have to think about. At Reborn, we know exactly how to handle these added responsibilities of infill building, and we thrive on the challenge of getting creative with small, unique spaces.

Sometimes, empty inner city Calgary lots are large enough to fit something spacious. Other times, this type of real estate requires a home-building team that knows how to build a home that is thin and tall—yet still attractive. The contractors at Reborn have an eye for detail and the industry know-how to create the perfect infill home for you and your family. In fact, we have a dedicated design team to assist in maximizing functional space in this type of home.

Of course, sustainability is only one perk to this type of inner city development. The ability to have a brand-new, custom home in an established neighborhood is something many home-buyers find appealing. Old homes come with myriad unknowns, and budgets are often broken when families try to force an existing space to fit their style and needs.

With Reborn, you get a team of professionals, from customer service representatives to design experts and tradesmen, who all have one goal: to give you a home you will love. You also get the benefit of a new home warranty and reasonable pricing, thanks to the added perk of our supplier connections. The types of discounts and offers we receive can only come from years in the construction and home improvement business.

Explore your style options. In addition to a design showroom packed with textures and color pallets you can view in person, Reborn has the ability to salvage and recycle items from the demolished building you may want to incorporate into your new home. You may choose to pay homage to the previous structure, but you will enjoy all of the modern amenities and energy-saving elements that come with building a new Calgary home.

Let Reborn design a modern home that stands out in a neighborhood, or, if you prefer, we can build a brand new home that fits in seamlessly with the area’s existing aesthetic. If you don’t have a realtor, we can connect you with one to help you find that perfect lot. If you do have one, we can work with them to find your perfect building site.

No matter your taste or needs, we can create the perfect home for you and your family in the neighborhood of your dreams. Reborn is the infill builder Calgary can trust.


If Calgary inner city living doesn’t appeal to you, you may be interested in acreage development. This type of home building is often more spacious, with endless options for the present build and future add-ons. You may be considering a build in a subdivision, or perhaps you have simply found the right plot of land for sale by owner. You might not be sure where to start or how to take the next step in your new home development.

The next step is calling Reborn.

At Reborn, we know what it takes to turn raw land into a livable space. After years in the industry, we have the connections to make building a new home a breeze, from start to finish. From clearing the land to installing utilities and pouring foundations, we strive to perform quality work and make the process as easy as possible. We even provide land surveying and well testing services before you purchase a lot.

Once purchased, there are certain things that may need to be done to prep the site. These could include tree removal, grading, septic installation, well drilling, and driveway development. The rubble and debris will need to be hauled away. All of these elements can be left to the knowledgeable experts at Reborn. If we do not have the right people on staff, we know professionals who share our work ethic, and we can offer recommendations.

As for building the home itself, there is simply no one better than Reborn. We employ only the most experienced and talented designers and contractors to make sure the job gets done efficiently and according to design specifications. Whether you are interested in a modern home or a classic, iconic look, we can design a building you and your family will fall in love with. Style and functionality are of the utmost importance, and whether you are looking to build a home large enough for entertaining or just a small bungalow, we will put the same care and commitment into building your new home.

Our customer service is above par. Just take a look at our reviews, testimonials, and numerous awards, and you’ll have a feel for the type of confidence we inspire in our clients and other industry professionals.

The first step in acreage building is finding that perfect Calgary real estate. Reborn is not in partnership with any subdivision, but we can connect you with a realtor or work alongside the one you have. If you come across parcels that interest you, we can aid in the decision-making process. We are happy to help you explore and understand your building options in different spaces.

Still not sure if a new home development or acreage building is right for you? There are some benefits to acreage developments in Calgary over buying an established home. First is the simple fact that a lived-in home is older and has been designed with other people in mind. Second, there is often less competition for land versus existing residences. The result is that raw land is often the cheapest option. This also means that there is great potential for appreciation of your investment, as well.

We cannot stress enough the importance of the fact that you will be able to customize your home from top to bottom. This is not someone else’s dream home; it is yours. From the size of the home to the trim and outbuildings, acreage builds are fully customizable. Reborn has access to the latest design trends, and our extensive collection of samples means you get to choose every feature yourself. From siding to kitchen cabinets to light switch plates, this home is all about you.

Reborn is experienced in designing and redesigning auxiliary buildings like garages and sheds. We can even take on your landscaping needs. You imagine your dream home, and we realize it!

We are proud to offer the opportunity for potential customers to view our work firsthand. Visit our stunning, 6,500 square foot show home and top-of-the-line design center today. Located conveniently near Calgary in Dewinton, the show home and design center can both be found in the up-and-coming Mikhail Estates.

We hope you will accept our invitation to view the type of quality home we can provide for you with your own eyes. Whether you are looking for solitude, fantastic views, or a sense of community from neighbors who are close (but not too close), acreage development continues to be a popular choice among Calgary homebuyers.


All of Reborn’s new builds are covered by the Alberta New Home Warranty. In order to be a Builder Member, contracting companies must have and keep a stellar track record in quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. This warranty ensures that you and your home stay protected and on budget during the build and while you settle into your new home.


Reborn keeps costs as low as possible for consumers by offering a cost +15% contract. Thanks to Reborn’s exclusive discount trade and supplier network, homeowners often spend less with us using this type of contract than they would with other companies. This could leave you with a little extra money to put back in the bank or add a few dream amenities on to the new home.

This is a completely transparent process during which every penny spent is accounted for. This type of contract also allows us to get started on your new home quickly, without any chance of overestimating the costs.

You stay in control, you stay in the know, and it is typically a more comfortable process for everyone involved.


If you are looking to build a new single-family home in Calgary, we invite you to contact our sales team today. We have been in the home building and home renovation business for more than a decade, and our industry connections and reputation are simply unbeatable. We offer free estimates for your project, and while we do not personally provide lots for homes, we are available for consultations in reference to build options.

Our design center and showroom are accessible via appointment.

Reborn is the home-building partner you need. For many, crafting a home will be a once-in-a-lifetime venture, but it is something we do every day. When you need experience, quality, versatility and enviable design look no further than Reborn.

Find your dream lot, and let us help you design and build your dream home.

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