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The Ultimate Guide For Luxury Home Renovations

Published September 20, 2022
Updated: December 7, 2023
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Wanting to upgrade your living space? You can easily transform your home environment from ordinary to highly luxurious in just a couple of weeks or months. It also doesn't matter whether you need minor or significant renovation in sections of your home or a complete home renovation. Besides giving your home a chic look and atmosphere, a luxury home renovation adds commercial value to your property. Beyond that, it simply makes it more pleasurable to live in such a home.

However, giving your home a luxurious feel that constantly invites you to what's rightfully yours takes more than costly high-end fittings and décor. A luxurious home calls for skillful interior design enabled by competence, experience, and a meticulous eye for even the most minor details because they matter.

Your home renovation may be informed by lifestyle changes, such as an empty nest that requires you to transform your children's rooms into anything, including a home office, gym, or closet. Sometimes, a job opportunity with a higher income can finally allow you to remodel your old home into the dream luxury home you've desired for a long time. Whatever your need, Reborn Renovations or similar services have design studios and an experienced design team that offer interior design solutions that turn ordinary spaces in our homes into luxurious, breath-taking rooms.

Different Types Of Luxury Home Renovations You Might Need For Your Home

The Ultimate Guide For Luxury Home Renovations
  1. Luxury Bathroom Renovations

While bathroom renovations are one of the most common renovations to be completed when remodeling a home, it's also one of the most common spaces that without a designer on hand during the renovation planning to have the luxury details overlooked. However, if you're to consider the amount of time people spend in their bathrooms during their lives, you'd probably realize that bathrooms act as personal retreat centers. Your bathroom serves many purposes, including providing room to manage and maintain your hygiene and getting you refreshed and relaxed.   

Therefore, during a partial or full luxury home remodel, a modern bathroom design complete with the elements needs to be one of your highlights. When carrying out a luxury home renovation, the following interior fittings and accessories can transform your bathroom into a next-level chic space that contributes to an aura of luxury in your home:   

  • Vinyl-coated luxury bathroom wallpaper: when done right, it can seamlessly blend into any grand interior design scheme. However, you can only use these wallpapers in the low moisture areas of your bathroom.   
  • Adjustable luxury bathroom lighting: when strategically placed, they add class and ignite feelings of tranquility.   
  • Luxury bathtubs and showers with a spa design also increase aesthetic appeal.   
  • Mirrors to accentuate space.   
  • Overhead heat lamps and heated floors: increase your comfort by keeping warm, especially during winter and other chilly periods.   
  • Stylish and elegant vanity cabinet sets that add to the beauty of your bathroom.
  • Luxury accessories, including towel rails, tissue holders, and soap pumps, among others.

When planning for luxury, you can go all-out with your renovation project. Just make sure that you don't overdo the design. But if you think you need help, you can always seek the assistance of experienced interior designers to ensure that the project will be successful.

The Ultimate Guide For Luxury Home Renovations
  1. Luxury Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is another area that needs much attention since considerable time is spent there, catering to the family, enjoying meals together, family bonding, entertaining, and more. Since luxury kitchen renovations can be costly, it's critical when considering it to establish a reasonable budget that can comfortably get the job done without disruptions. You'll also need to consider your ideal kitchen layout since this will guide your interior designers as they plan its design. Some interior fixtures and accessories that add some magic touch that transforms your kitchen into a luxurious focal point for you and your family include:   

  • Countertops: these play a functional and aesthetic role in kitchens. You can use high-quality stone or engineered countertops to add more color and classy materials that improve the overall aura of your kitchen.   
  • Lighting: on its own, beautiful lighting in your kitchen makes a class statement. You can consider different LED ceiling lighting colors tucked into the corners. You can also think of pendant lights or chandeliers to infuse a unique ambiance while brightening your kitchen space. Functionality and your style should be key consideration factors while identifying your kitchen's lighting.   
  • Cabinets are key features that impact the overall feel of your kitchen. You might want to consider high-end cabinetry in various materials, including glass and wood. You could add lighting inside your cabinets to offer luxury effects, especially when paired with glass doors.   
  • Flooring: You could also think about a new floor using materials that provide luxurious effects. However, keep in mind the critical requirements of a kitchen floor, including water resistance, cleaning and maintenance ease, and durability. To achieve a luxury floor, you can use kitchen flooring materials such as luxury vinyl, tiles, concrete, and treated hardwood.   
  • Kitchen fixtures: you can move away from ordinary to luxury kitchen sinks and faucets to improve the luxurious look of your kitchen.

When installing these kitchen fixtures and accessories, you must ensure that it doesn't take up most of your kitchen. Instead, always prioritize having a generous space so you can move freely when doing kitchen tasks. This way, you can avoid hassle when moving around your luxurious kitchen space.

  1. Laundry Room

While the laundry room may not rank highly on your list of priorities as you plan for a luxury home renovation, this multipurpose room can complement the overall look of your luxurious home and still combine form and function. By increasing your cabinet space and creating more avenues that let in natural light, you can transform your laundry room into a luxurious, functional room with ample space for its tasks. In addition, a combination of different lighting and accessories can enhance the appearance of your laundry room. Finally, you can also redo your laundry floor using tiles, vinyl, or any flooring material that combines aesthetic appeal with strength and versatility.  

  1. Outdoor Entertainment Area

If you're someone that loves spending time entertaining guests at your home, a luxury outdoor entertainment area can be part of your home remodeling considerations. Some outdoor spaces that can make do with luxurious touches include the patio, pool area, outdoor kitchen, and gardens. For instance, contemporary lighting fixtures and statement furniture can change the aesthetic of your patio, pool area, and outdoor kitchen.

  1. Home Office

As the work-from-home trend increases, you never know when this might be part of your reality if it isn't already. A luxurious home office can increase your engagement and productivity levels by providing comforts that enable you to lock the rest of your household away as you work.   

A luxury home office provides more than privacy and a comfortable working space. Its sophisticated levels help to supercharge your workflow processes and make you look forward to spending more time being productive. Luxurious finishing, bespoke office furniture, interior layout, and lighting can transform your home office into a well-being and productivity retreat facility.   

The Interior Design Process: A Step By Step Schedule

A luxury home renovation has some definite steps that need to be followed to increase the probability of a timely and successful renovation. We now look at the different work stages expected during a home design project.

  1. Preliminary Home Site Meeting And Planning

At this stage, the design team understands your needs in depth. They create outlines of all rooms that need luxury renovations while considering your ideas and preferences. They also make professional suggestions and inform you about any current or emerging trends in the design industry. For instance, if you're renovating a house you've occupied for many years, this is the point where you discuss modern fixtures and fittings that can add a luxurious feel to an older home.

You'll also discuss different fixtures and fittings with your designer, including lighting, wall decorations, flooring materials, and millwork. In addition, you'll also evaluate various materials considered ideal for storage spaces like cabinets, wall units, and even doors. You also get to discuss the budget you've set aside for the home refurbishment. A clear budget for your luxury home renovation is essential, especially if you have a fixed ceiling for total costs. Unlike construction costs that are often fixed, expenses for interior fixtures and fittings for homes have wide margins depending on brand names and quality.

You give your interior designers a head-start by sharing as much information as you consider relevant. It helps with the next stage.   

  1. Design Proposal

You get to review and discuss the home renovation design proposal based on discussions held during the preliminary home site visit and planning meeting. The design proposal lays down your goals and objectives in an outline highlighting the different works and stages, together with cost estimates. You must approve the design proposal for the team working with you to proceed with concept development.

  1. Concept Development

This stage kickstarts the flow of your interior designers' creative juices and the beginning of the project. The team assigned to work with you gets busy developing innovative 3D models that help you visualize the final appearance of the different rooms to be renovated. They make visual presentations of various space designs, and where necessary, they may also develop architectural layouts. Your designers could further make drawings to help you understand the design journey they'll be undertaking. Ordinarily, they'll also make notes that clearly explain the changes they'll make in different rooms.

  1. Concept Revisions And Material Acquisition

The concept is then presented to you to review and provide feedback that's incorporated as revisions. After adjustments, your designers will provide a revised concept for your approval that sets off the next stage: shopping for the different materials and products to be used. Your designer can give you a list of suppliers that you can use to source the various appliances and accessories for your luxury home refurbishment. If you're limited by time , or are working with an experienced renovator like Reborn Renovations, your designers will source the items on your behalf, usually from their trade partners who offer discounted prices not available to the public.   

 Materials acquisition sets the stage for the next part of your luxury home renovation.   

  1. Design Construction

All necessary construction permits are acquired from your city's municipality during this stage. The approved designs are also handed over to contractors to start work on your luxury home renovation. Your interior design company works with contractors to ensure any construction job follows the design specifications. They also oversee the different tasks to guarantee that your remodeling goals are attained.   

With a competent team steering your project, this stage marks the end of your luxury home renovation, inviting you into a brand-new world of tranquil and luxurious spaces you're proud to call home. Don't hesitate to throw a party to usher yourself into your old yet new home.   

Tips To Help You Identify Professional Interior Designers

The ultimate guide to a luxury home renovation is incomplete without some tips to help you choose the perfect match for the job. We'll dive right in.

  •   Review Their Job Portfolio

It should guide you in determining their capabilities. Where possible, get feedback from two or three of their past clients. You can also look at any online reviews about them to further aid you in making an informed decision about their professionalism and work outputs.

  •  Consider Your Style

Whereas most professional interior designers can adapt their style to suit your ideas, certain bespoke styles may require you to work with those whose signature style matches your needs.

  • Look At Your Budget

Consider narrowing your search to interior designers that work within your budgetary estimates.

  •  Meet Them Physically And Ask A Lot Of Questions

One-on-one meetings can help you discover subtle clues about the designers that may be impossible to pick up over phone calls or emails. Think about the information you want to gather from them in advance.   

  •  Timelines

Consider the time at your disposal. If, for instance, your luxury home renovation was triggered by a future event to be hosted there, you should establish that your designers will complete the project before then. Always check that your interior designers can manage your home renovation project within your required timeline. Don't hesitate to keep shopping until you find one with the capacity to finish your project within your timelines.

  •  Consider Your Level Of Involvement   

Do you prefer to hand over the entire project to your interior designers or participate in certain project stages? You'll need to consider how much of your participation your designers would be comfortable with without being seen to be interfering.

  • Do They Offer A Contract?   

Ensure you sign a detailed contract with the designers you choose for your home renovation. The contract should highlight responsibilities, budgets, timelines, and other vital details. A contract helps all parties know what to expect while offering a remedial course of action where expectations aren't met.

  •  Trust Your Gut Feeling   

Sometimes, much choice-making comes down to that sixth sense that suggests something is off about a team, even when you can't place a finger on it. For instance, you might come across designers with comprehensive portfolios but not get along because they're poor listeners or downplay your ideas. Whatever the case, try and settle for a design team you can enjoy working with.

Final Word

A luxury home renovation is a worthwhile investment that not only adds monetary value to your home but also gives you a more comfortable space to unwind after a long day. When planning for a luxurious home remodel, consider working with an experienced team with a reputation for quality service combined with an unparalleled mastery of luxury home designs. It is a sure-proof method that guarantees a successful and stress-free home renovation.   

Professional interior designers can recommend fantastic luxury home renovation ideas and oversee your home renovation as you focus on other aspects, including your family, professional, and social life.

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