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Reborn Renovations specializes in both interior and exterior home renovations in Airdrie.  We provide our customers with a team of experienced renovators and contractors that can help you design, demo, build your home renovation project in Airdrie. Whether you’re looking for a basement development, kitchen renovation, bathroom remodel, home addition or exterior renovations, our team can achieve any design you envision for your renovation.  Contact us today or call us at (403) 407-7677 to get started with a free project estimate.


What type of Home Renovation can we help you with?

Our Award-Winning Airdrie Renovation Process:

Phase One: Preliminary Estimation and Design Orientation Meetings
Your dream home renovation with a truly extraordinary full-service professional renovator begins with the thoughtful and meticulous phase of consultation around scope of work and design.

1) First Contact:

– Contact an expert Sales Rep at Reborn for a preliminary discussion on your vision for your home renovation.
– Typically, clients will contact us via phone, email, social media, or online submission.
– Send us your preliminary ideas, photos, plans, and your wish list so we can best prepare for our first meeting.
– Your Sales Rep will log your information, take notes, and set an appointment date.

2) On Site Consultation:

– Reborn Rep to carefully listen to your vision and ideas, noting any issues and needs you have.
– Explaining various design options helps you see what viable options you have for your project.
– A detailed presentation of the entire process from the preliminary estimate to the final walk through and clean up shows our clients what to expect at each stage.
– Discuss general timelines based on the information received at the consultation; to be confirmed after Design and Trades Day Meetings by Project Manager (PM).
– Establishing a baseline scope of work for your estimate by gathering all notes, measurements, and documentation ensures allows our Sales Rep to provide an accurate estimate.

3) Review Documents and Estimate:

– After you review the estimate and attached documents, contact your Sales Rep to discuss the details of the proposal to ensure you have a firm understanding of the scope, terminology, terms and conditions, etc.
– Address any questions, and if necessary review any updated pricing with your Sales Rep.
– It can be difficult to compare apples to apples. Your expert Sales Rep will happily help you bridge gaps between our scope and our competitors to confirm accurate comparisons.

4) Free 1 Hour Design Orientation at Design Centre:

– Design is at the core of a successful renovation and is the starting point for a comprehensive plan to be built from.
– View actual products with our in-house designer, who has a copy of the estimate and can show you what finishings are within your allowances.
– Confirmation of what your design requirements are, and explanation of how the design process works.
– After the 1 Hour Design Orientation, Reborn will provide a Design Package Proposal based on your preferences and design needs, which will include the design scope and timeline for its completion.

5) Selecting Your Airdrie Home Renovation Company:

– By this stage you have met two of the major team members that will be part of delivering your dream renovation. If you would like to proceed with Reborn, please inform your Sales Rep via email or phone.
– Your Sales Rep will forward all updated paperwork to the Design and Operations Teams for the next Phase of the project.
– A Deposit can be sent via email transfer, or by check at the Selections Appointment.

6) Operations Manager Meeting:

– Upon agreeing to engage Reborn on the Design Package Proposal, our Operations Manager will set up a time to come and review the scope of work and introduce himself.
– Operations Manager will walk you through a detailed process of the day to day details of your job, and will provide any relevant information to the Sales and Design teams to ensure we have thought of everything and are all on the same page at every step in the process.
– In depth explanation of our amazing construction management program that keeps your renovation on track and organized.
– Confirm any specifics for the living arrangements and access (hours of operation, utilities access and interruptions, washroom facilities, lock box location, pets, etc.)

Phase Two: Pre-Construction Design and Operations Planning

Once your vision and baseline scope are established, the next phase involves a detailed confirmation of your exact design and scope specifications, which are required before the commencement of the project to ensure that the process will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

1) Design Selections & Drawings:

– Our Designer takes your ideas and inspiration photos into account in carefully preparing a unique, stylish, and functional plan for your home.
– Reborn’s Design Package Proposal is the first step in the Airdrie renovation project, which covers things like drawings and layouts, detailed selections, some revisions, applicable permits, engineering, and preparing your file to be taken over by the PM.
– Our Designer will contact you to initiate the Design Process after the deposit is received.
– Reborn provides a free 1 Hour Consultation and free allowances for selections.
– In some cases due to multiple revisions and/or indecisiveness, additional design work may be needed, which may be billable as a change order.
– The completed Design Package is signed off, paid for, and send to the Operations Team for a full review.

2) Trades Day Meeting With PM :

– Prior to commencing construction, Reborn brings its entire team of professionals (Project Manager, Engineer if needed, Designer if needed, Trades) to review the work site.
– Our Team will answer all your questions, and note any new items that may have come up in the design process, some of which may have price implications.
– A Comprehensive review of the final renovation plans is conducted.
– Confirmation of any unknowns such as complex structural changes, mechanical rework, and any deviations from the preliminary estimate meeting are noted.

3) Fully Transparent, Detailed, Fixed Price Quote is Finalized:

– Whereas many companies elect to give the perception the price is low to sign the job, only to hit you with change orders throughout the job for so called ‘unknowns’, ‘extras’, and ‘upgrades’, we prefer the up front, open, and honest approach.
– Reborn will confirm ALL pricing on selections, any deviations from the preliminary estimate, and any updated scopes from the Trades Day BEFORE the job starts to ensure you are fully aware and comfortable with the updated price.

4) Permit Application:

– Once we have the Design Package and updated Fixed Cost Quote signed off, we can finalize any revisions to the drawings and apply for any necessary plumbing, electrical, gas, and building permits.
– Permit to be placed in a visible location for all City Inspectors to access.
– Final cost of the permit is based on the overall final construction costs.

5) Builder Trend Invite and Commencement:

– Builder Trend facilitates the tremendous amount of information and coordination with built in controls to ensure the job runs smoothly and finishes on time.
– Timelines are important to everyone and are confirmed before the job starts. Any change order requests may cause the timeline to be altered beyond the control of Reborn.
– Once we finalized lead times, schedules, permits, and have your final pricing signed off on, you will be emailed an invite to set up your BT account in advance of your job starting.
– Review everything and discuss any questions with your PM prior to the first day of work.

Phase Three: Construction Phase

Next is the fun part! We have worked diligently together to set your Airdrie home renovation up for success, and now is time to begin the on-site work. It can seem a little overwhelming at first, as there are a lot of moving parts and many hands are required to get the construction phase off on the right foot. You can relax in knowing you’ve hired bona fide professionals with a hands-on PM who will be there every step of the way communicating with all parties and inspecting the work.

1) Site Preparation

– The PM and Client will discuss areas of the home to be worked on at various stages and create a plan for ensuring access to work areas at any given time.
– Home owner to move all household items out of the workspace, as Reborn does not handle contents manipulation.
– We recommend MiBox storage for larger projects where multiple areas are being worked on.

2) Site Protection:

– Reborn Rep arrives on day one to carefully install the site protection as needed. This entails floor protection, poly walls with zipper doors, and dust filters in air vents to limit the flow of dust. Also, any dismantling of furnishings may be part of this as well (blinds, plate covers, etc.).

3) Demo:

– Disposal bin arrives a few days before the commencement of the project.
– Skilled demolition workers carefully dismantle and remove any components being replaced to the bin provided on site.
– Often plumbers, electricians, HVAC and carpenters may be present on site together at the demo stage to dismantle obstacles for the rework to begin. This may result in some disruption to services, which will be discussed between you and the PM.
– Your PM will ensure all work is completed safely and work site is left in good condition at the end of the day.
– Clients to exercise caution when entering and exiting the work space to ensure safety.
– Site Protection, demo, and the commencement of the rework begins 1-3 weeks after the job is approved, depending on your preferred time line, lead times, complexity of the job, permits, and other factors.
– Periodic inspections and frequent contact by the PM will a regular part of the job.

4) Structural/Non-Structural Modifications, General Carpentry:

– Any changes for the floor plan (rework walls, delete walls, add walls, additions, openings, roof lines, etc) are completed during and after the demo stage, in conjunction with part of the mechanical rework. Once the new layout is built, the mechanical trades can finish their rough in stages.

5) Mechanical Rework:

– Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing and Gas Fitting are the mechanical trades most often used by Reborn. They are involved heavily early in the demo, rework and rough in stages, prior to inspections and drywall.
– This phase may have some service interruptions that last a day or two, and sometimes longer. Your PM will arrange any temp services required for things like lighting, power, and water as needed.

6) Inspections:

– After framing and mechanical rough ins comes Airdrie City Inspections where applicable. Three separate inspectors may come over the course of 1-2 days to sign off on rough ins prior to closing up walls, floors, roofing, etc.

7) ‘Closing Up’ – Drywall, Floor Patching:

– Most renovations have drywall work, whether it is a basement development, bathroom remodel, kitchen back splash, wall removal, addition, ceiling conversion, or just patchwork. All drywall work is completed at this stage and prepares the surfaces for the finishing packages.
– Covering any holes in sub floors, concrete, or other areas outside of drywall completes the closing up phase of general carpentry, where we begin the switch to finishing.
– After this phase a construction clean-up is conducted.

8) Finishing Package:

– Turning a major bend in the road is the finishing phase, which consists of things like cabinetry and millwork, painting and lacquering, flooring, tile, counter tops, glass work, and all other finishing touches.
– Depending on the scope of work, on average this stage of the project comes together quickly, creating a high level of excitement as you anticipate your new space being completed soon.

9) Completion, Walk Through, Clean Up:

– The homestretch comes when we are wrapping up major pieces of the finishing package, and moving to the deficiency list, which is an ongoing list kept the PM and coordinator to ensure swift completion of projects.
– Cleaners will be scheduled at the end to prepare the home for turnover, and removal of site protection. The result is proudly presented for you to enjoy.


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