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Residential Interior Design Calgary and Surrounding Area
Wentworth - BILD Alberta Awards winner 2023.De Winton Development, the winner of the Bild Calgary Region Awards 2022.

Proven to be one of the top interior design companies in Calgary and the surrounding area, Reborn Renovations consistently delivers excellent service and high-quality results. Our passion for designing new custom homes and interiors drives us, reflecting who we are as a company and what we do for our clients.

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Starting at just $500

Our team of expert designers can help you start your renovation out on the right foot with detailed architectural drawings, floor plans, and finishing selections.

We also offer a FREE, one hour, virtual design consultation to help you get started.

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Wentworth - BILD Alberta Awards winner 2023.Canadian home builders association national awards finalist for Living and Laundry Room Remodel in West Springs by Reborn RenovationsDe Winton Development, the winner of the Bild Calgary Region Awards 2022.
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Calgary's Premier Interior Design Company

Reborn Renovations can help you bring your design visions to life.

Proven to be one of the top home designers in Calgary, Reborn Renovations consistently delivers excellent service and high-quality results. Our passion for creating unique and moderns interiors that encapsulate our clients goals is evidenced by our extensive portfolio and numerous awards.

Stunning, Modern Design Style

Whether you're looking to overhaul your homes interiors, build a small infill or a large acreage estate, or anything else, the team at Reborn has the knowledge and experience to do it right. Our custom work on every residential interior design project ensures you'll have a home that checks all your boxes and looks exactly how your dreamed.

If you're looking for the best interior design Calgary can offer, look no further than Reborn Renovations.

Multiple Award Winning Interior Designs

The quality of the work and designs by Reborn are recognized and evidenced by our multiple awards, including winning The Canadian Home Builders Association Best Bathroom Renovation in Canada for 2021, CICBAs best new home development in Calgary 2023, BILD AB best Bathroom Remodel in Alberta 2023, and many more.

These accolades showcase the expertise of Calgary’s top interior designers in managing the entire process of interior design, from concept to completion. Our award-winning interior design team have demonstrated their ability to exceed client expectations and create spaces that truly stand out.

Diverse Portfolio

Our past designs showcase traditional, classic, contemporary, modern, farmhouse, and personalized designs in our portfolios. All of our designs breathe new life into the spaces they create, transforming them into functional and visually appealing environments.

Our ability to create stunning interiors across various styles, from modern to traditional and everything in between, demonstrates our versatility and adaptability in the world of interior design. Our services can cater to a wide range of client preferences, creating interiors that are both beautiful and functional.

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Principal Interior Designer

As Reborn's principal designer and creative director, Danielle is dedicated to the overall satisfaction of her clients.

Danielle discovered her talent for design at the age of six, while her father was a project manager. She would cut out rooms from his blueprints and glue them on cardstock the way she thought they should be configured.

Predictably, her love of design continued into adulthood. She attended Mount Royal College and graduated with honors from SAIT Polytechnic. She quickly found work for a firm but was dissatisfied with the pushy process, with little regard when clients would voice an inspiration or idea. All Danielle wanted to do was help people create stylish, functional interiors to complement their lifestyle.

She found her niche with Reborn Renovations.

Danielle is a practical designer who genuinely cares about her clients and the outcome of their projects. It's something that sets her apart from other designers, and makes Reborn Renovations one of the most award winning contractors in western Canada.

Your space should be unique and reflect your personality, not the designer's. Danielle will work with you until she knows your needs and preferences like the back of her hand. Then she'll tailor her designs to reflect that, while also ensuring the space is comfortable and functional.

Danielle is bold, honest, and full of fun and laughter. When not completely engulfed in her love for design, she can be found traveling or spending time with her son, husband, and Bernese Mountain Dog.

If you're looking for a designer that does everything on full throttle, give Danielle a call today!
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More Information About Our Calgary Interior Designers

Are you looking to transform your living space into a stunning reflection of your personal style and taste? Look no further than the talented interior designers at Reborn Renovations! Known for our remarkable ability to create unique, stylish spaces for our residential (and commercial) clients, our professional team are taking the Calgary interior design scene by storm.

A client-centered approach in the work of Calgary’s top designers is evidenced in several ways. Primarily, we prioritize understanding our client’s needs, preferences, and vision for their unique spaces. We actively listen to our clients and involve them in the design process, ensuring that their input is respected and integrated into the end result.

Furthermore, as top designers in Calgary, we strive to craft personalized and tailored designs that showcase the client’s authentic aspirations for their new interior. We strive to construct timeless, beautiful spaces that aren’t just visually pleasing, but also function efficiently and meet the specific requirements of our clients. By taking a client-centered approach, our Calgary interior designers ensure that each of our projects is unique and accommodate to the client’s needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

The first step when considering any renovation is design. What do you want your house to look like? Our interior designers will work with you every step of the way to make sure your home not only fits your style and budget, but also becomes a place that reflects your personality and taste.

Visualizing your home design is often the most exciting part of a home project. It's when you really get to see your ideas take shape. The design comes into focus and know that they can and will become reality. It's exciting for us, too! At Reborn Renovations, we provide 3-D design renderings of your new space so we can ensure our house plans will match your design vision.

Our interior designers can help you with any type of home project, including new-build homes, budget-friendly renovations, and large-scale remodels. When you visit our private design center, you'll have the chance to experience for yourself the quality and selection for which we're known. We offer a wide assortment of styles, finishes and accessories, and you can see and feel the fine materials we use in person to help you feel inspired. We can offer design tips to get the best results for your new interiors and get feedback on decor and furnishings.

Our honest, personalized approach has made our design center one of the top-rated choices for Calgary designers. You'll know where to start, and be sure you're making the right decision when choosing us as your design team.

Visits to the Reborn Renovations design center are by appointment only. Book a date and time with one of our professional, experienced interior designers today, and take the first step in making your dream home a reality!

More Information About Our Calgary Interior Designers

If you've never worked with a home designer before, you may be wondering what the process is like. First, we'll meet with you for a consultation, during which time we'll discuss everything you'd like to see from your home project. We can help direct you, should you need it, and make sure that your ideas are realistic as far as following the proper codes and protocols. If they need to be tweaked a bit, we'll make sure we get as close to your original vision as possible!

Should you like what we have to offer and choose to work with us, we'll need house floor plans for the home. If you have the builder's blueprints, we'll make a copy. Don't worry if they aren't available; our design team will come to your home to take the necessary measurements.

Next, we'll complete an on-site consultation so that we can better visualize the project.

We will then construct an initial overhead layout and meet to go over any changes or revisions to the home design plan. Once the design is complete, we will present you with two properly scaled copies of detailed blueprint plans that include the following:

- Proposed room layout, including the detailed size and use of each room.

- Total area to be developed and details of any structural changes.

- Door and window locations, as well as sizes and opening functions. We ensure that each window and door egress follows proper safety codes.

- Smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, and bathroom fan locations.

Drawings must be printed on 11x17-inch Ledger (ANSI B size) paper. If you aren't able to print in this format, we'll hand-deliver your copies.

Ask about our Renovation Financing: 0% Down,
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Apply for financing up to $100,000

Complete our brief, no obligation application, to find out if you're approved for financing on your renovation in just minutes.

Learn more about our Interior Design Packages

Starting at just $500

Our team of expert designers can help you start your renovation out on the right foot with detailed architectural drawings, floor plans, and finishing selections.

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No project is too big or too small for Reborn Renovations. We'll set you up with a renovation team, consisting of an interior designer, project manager, and expert contractors.

Call now! When it comes to your new home, we promise a job well done and an investment worth making. We'll send someone out as soon as we can to give you all the information you need to make a decision. We're confident you'll decide to go with Reborn Renovations, and we can't wait to get started on your project!

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