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A basement renovation can be a valuable addition to your home—without the hassle of adding on an addition! This underutilized space could be a game room, living space, teen hangout, kid playroom, bar…the options are endless. An unfinished basement is a blank canvas just waiting for your creativity to transform it into something more. Reborn Renovations can help!

WHY should you consider a basement development?

You may want to use the basement development for extra income. If it has its own entrance (or the potential for one) you can toss a kitchenette, bathroom, and bedroom down there and rent it out. It’s a great way to offset the cost of your home and increase its value at the same time. Maybe your parents are getting older and you’d like to turn the space into an in-law suite. If your family is expanding, you might need more bedrooms.

Maybe you don’t know how you’d like to use your basement renovation; you just know you’d like it to be more than a dark storage space. We can help you examine the options and figure out the best choice for you. Maybe your basement is finished, but it’s not to your taste. Our designers can help you update the space so that it’s modern, stylish, and functional.

Reborn Renovations has spent the last decade working to stand out among other basement renovation companies in Calgary. If our customer testimonials are any indication, we’ve succeeded! That’s because when you choose our company, you’re choosing a team of experienced designers, contractors, project managers, and customer service representatives who are passionate about your project and customer satisfaction.


We’ve already touched on a few options. Extra living space, income property, and entertainment spaces tend to be the most popular choices.

Let us bring your basement renovation vision to life!

Extra living space can be:

  • A playroom for the kids. We can help you create a safe, soft space with lots of kid-friendly storage options. As they grow, this area can be transformed into a teen hangout spot, and when they’re grown—a living space for you to enjoy!
  • Extra bedrooms. This may take care of any in-law suite needs, too. We can wall off an extra bedroom or two, add a sitting area, a bathroom, and closets. As long as the layout allows, we may be able to utilize or add a private entrance. You could decide to share the kitchen space. As a result, there would be one less renovation expense. It would also be easier to convert the space to something else later on.
  • Man Cave/She Shed. The square footage of a home tends to get eaten up quickly, especially if the home belongs to a family. So many people dream of an office space, library, craft space, exercise room, meditation space…You can find room for these (and depending on your space, maybe all of these) in your basement renovation! We can help!

 Income property can be:

  • A full apartment. We can add everything you would need for an in-law suite. In addition, we can add features that would allow more privacy if your tenant isn’t a close friend or family member. These include a kitchen area, a dining area, one or two bedrooms, a bathroom with a shower. We can help you figure out what would work with your space and zoning allowances.
  • Work from home space. Do you need an area dedicated to your small business? Maybe a space to meet customers or clients or a space to bring your handmade creations to life? This can often be found in your basement renovation. A home office, a yoga studio, a space for you produce and package goods—whatever your needs, we’ll help bring your vision to life.

Entertainment space can be:

  • An in-home theater. Do you want the full experience of a movie theater without the cost and hassle of going out? Bring the big screen to you! We can help you design a plush, comfortable theater space with all the high-tech equipment you need to bring a movie to life.
  • A bar. This is a popular one! There are all different kinds of themes and ambiances you could choose for this kind of space. We have all the tools to make your bar dreams a reality. From glass and bottle storage to seating and bar top selection, Reborn Renovations has got you covered! We can even help with tap and kegerator installation.
  • Game room. Most likely, you’re either thinking of sports or board games for this one—and we can outfit both! Whether you’re looking for a space to enjoy a football game with your friends or you’re thinking more along the lines of a custom-built gaming table and board game storage, we can get it done for you. Maybe you want to install an in-home arcade. We can help with that, too.
  • Home gym. Why pay a monthly fee to visit the gym when you have the space for equipment in the comfort and privacy of your own home? Your home gym could be as simple as a room with a TV and an elliptical or as luxurious as a space that includes a shower and sauna!

 We could keep going!

Suffice it to say that your underutilized basement area could make your old home feel brand new. As your family and needs evolve, so can your basement! Reborn Renovations in Calgary will be there with you every step of the way.


Besides licensed, experienced contractors, project managers, and specialists, Reborn Renovations also has a design staff that’s dedicated to helping you visualize your basement development. We want you to be completely satisfied with the finished product, which means listening to you, evaluating your needs, working within your budget, and discussing things like expectations and timelines with no pretense.

We’ll provide a 3D layout drawing of your basement renovation so we can be 100% sure we’re on the same page and that our design aligns with your vision. If you need a little inspiration or want to see our quality of work for yourself, visit our gallery!

How much do basement renovations cost?

The average cost of a basement renovation starts around $35,000 to $40,000 for a basic 1 BR, bathroom, storage, living area with quality finishings. Adding a bar can add on avg $5000-$15,000. Upgrading to options such as sound proofing, egress windows, lots of pot lights, extra bedroom, gym, media room, premium bathroom, fireplace, and many other options can push your basement in the $50,000 to $100,000 range. We have done luxury basements in excess of $100,000 with all of these and more options. 

The cost of a basement renovation is dependent on many factors. How developed is the basement currently? Will the renovation require any custom skilled trade work and mechanical modifications/upgrades like custom cabinetry or a new furnace and hot water tank? The size of your basement, it’s currently level of development, what you want to do with the space, and your selections level will be the biggest factors of the cost.


In our experience, companies who offer basement development package deals with up-front pricing are looking to make a quick buck. They don’t want to listen to the customer. Instead, they just want to come in, do the basement development one way, get their money, and go.

Gimmicky theme-packs and foot-in-the-door tactics just aren’t our style. As a result, we can’t tell you a price until we speak with you. First, we need to get a full idea of what you want to see out of your basement renovation. We want an open-ended dialogue and full disclosure so you know all of your options and get exactly what you want.

Typically, customers will piece together elements from all of our options and create a unique space that fits their needs, lifestyle, and personality perfectly.

Ideally, we’ll have a preliminary meeting during which we’ll discuss your plans for your basement space. Then, we’ll use our comprehensive in-house quoting software to take the information from that meeting and create an exact basement development cost.

Everything up to this point is free with no obligation.

Once we input everything into this software, modifying and customizing options is a breeze and allows for speedy feedback on how new ideas might affect the price of the basement renovation. Whether you’re looking for a basic remodel or a luxury renovation, Reborn Renovations is the place to go!

Best of all? We offer financing! Put 0% down, don’t worry about paying for the first three months, and then pay as little as $288/month for the basement of your dreams. Contact us for additional information about basement renovation costs.


As with cost, the exact time frame of your basement renovation depends on a lot of factors. Are you starting from scratch with a damp, dirt-walled basement or was the builder’s intention for it to be finished one day? One will take more work, and therefore more time, than the other.

If you give us a call and discuss your needs, we can give you an accurate time frame for project completion.

And as for living in a home that’s under construction? One perk to the construction taking place in your basement is that we can typically stay out of your way. Therefore, you and your family can live normally for the duration of the project. Of course, we keep the noise to a minimum when possible, and we are always respectful of your home.


In conclusion, Reborn Renovations has the awards, the history, and the testimonials to prove that we are the best choice for your basement development needs in Calgary. Our team listens attentively to your needs and will help you create a design for your basement that fits your style and your budget. 

Call one of our friendly, professional custom service representatives today, or send us an e-mail to discuss your vision and get a free estimate!


Most homeowners want to jump right into their basement renovation—and who can blame them? The idea of adding square footage and quality of life to your home is exciting. However, depending on your basement’s current condition, we may need to do some structural work first.

You can take a look around your unfinished basement first, just to give yourself an idea of what may need to be done before the fun begins!

  • First, move anything you’re storing out of the basement—or at least out of the area you intend to refinish. It helps to envision the space, make measurements, etc. when starting with a clean slate.
  • Second, make sure your foundation is sealed. You can test for moisture in your basement by taping small squares of plastic sheeting to the floor and walls. Wait a while, and if you see condensation, that’s a problem that will need to be addressed. If it forms on the bottom, your foundation needs to be sealed. If it forms on top, you’ll need a dehumidifier.
  • Third, inspect the wood in your basement. Nothing takes the wind out of a homeowner’s sails like finding out a chunk of their budget needs to go towards replacing floor joists or having an exterminator in. It also helps to make sure your floor joists are in proper alignment. Take a look now, so you can plan better.
  • Last, make sure all of your heating, air, plumbing, and ductwork is up to snuff. You don’t want to risk carbon monoxide buildup due to poor ventilation or a pipe bursting right after the drywall is put in.

Reborn Renovations can handle all of these potential problems for you!

We’ll also do a full inspection to make sure we’re starting with a good foundation for the project. However, it’s always a good idea to give yourself a heads up when it comes to potential delays and extra cost.

When it comes to a finished or partially-finished basement, it may be more difficult to spot these problems. However, you can do a walkthrough of the area and make notes if you see evidence of leaks, rust, or pest issues


Renovating a basement is the equivalent of adding on an addition—it’s just that the space and foundation you need are already right there beneath your feet! There are so many elements that go into a project of this magnitude. Therefore, we would never recommend attempting to DIY without a team of professionals and an excess of free time.

We do this all day, every day. We’re licensed, insured, experienced, and ready to get started! Above all, we’re passionate about this business! Let Reborn Renovations save you the stress of hours upon hours of research and time away from your family. We promise it is well worth the labor costs to have your basement renovation done right, in a stress-free and timely manner.

Call or e-mail us today to discuss your basement renovation needs!

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