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Reborn Renovations is Calgary's award-winning Exterior Renovation Company of choice
Reborn Renovations has the experience, know how and skills to get the job done, and the track record to back it up.
Reborn was the proud recipient of a 2021 Canadian Home Builders Association award for one of the Best Renovations in Canada, a 2021 BILD Alberta Awards Finalist, the winners of multiple HomeStars awards, and numerous additional awards and nominations.

Stunning, Modern Design

Our team of in-house designers and exterior contractors work together with you to bring your vision to life.
Together we'll decide on siding, doors, windows and accents that will make your dream home a reality.

Multiple Award Winner

The quality of the work and designs by Reborn are recognized and evidenced by our multiple awards and nominations, including winning a Canadian Home Builders Association award for one of the best renovations in Canada for 2021.

No Hidden Costs

Once we work together to understand your dream addition goals, we put together a detailed plan and proposal that includes all costs and expenses in your project. That way you're never met with an unexpected expense during or after your development.

  • We had Reborn Renovations come out to our place just south of the city for some exterior renovation work in the spring.
    We live in a fairly old house and the outside was pretty worse for wear since it hadn't been updated since it was built.
    We ended up ripping off all the old wooden siding and going with new stucco instead. When we ripped off the shingles we found a bit of damage to the underneath plywood that Reborn quickly dealt with.
    We worked with Brett who was very helpful, and during the whole process we felt safe in Reborns hands. We hope to have them come back in the new year to build a new garage as well.

    Doug B.

    Heritage Pointe, South Calgary

  • Extremely happy with the work we had done on our home by Reborn Renovations. We had searched through a bunch of different exterior home improvement companies here in Calgary but we never really saw any past work that we liked.
    On Reborns site we saw the Airdrie renovation they did and love love loved it! We wanted something very similar with the wood siding accents and the glass panelled garage door, so they got our call.
    The work they did was fast and Brett our site supervisor was awesome at working around any back ordered or delayed items due to COVID.
    If we ever decide to renovate the interior of our home we’ll be calling Reborn Renovations.

    Susanna R.

    Scenic Acres, NW Calgary

  • Steve was incredible! And the whole reborn team was a delight to have at our home.
    I wanted to update the front of our home with a new garage door, some new siding and exterior pot lights and the end results are amazing!
    They got it done super fast, and now we own the best looking home on the block haha!

    Rob I.

    Arbour Lake, NW Calgary

  • I had some repairs to the outside of my home done a few years back, and got taken for a ride... Was way over budget work was shoddy and came to find out it had been leaking behind the stucco causing it to crumble.
    Needed to repair the repairs within 2 years....
    So I spoke to a few different companies before deciding this time around and ended up picking reborn after speaking with Brett... He knew his stuff and was our point of contact from beginning to end. What pushed us over the line was the warranty reborn offered was longer than a couple of the other exterior contractors I spoke to… I had the stucco repaired new window cladding installed and some nice stonework done around the base...
    I'd recommend reborn to others for their exterior renovation work.

    Mark C.

    Oakridge, SW Calgary

  • The outside of the house has been looking sad. When my teenage son backed his car into the porch, knocking out some railing and smashing the gutter pipe, we took it as a sign. We decided to have the entire exterior redone. But who would we call for such a huge home renovation? We’d used Pinnacle Renovations once before and just felt that there had to be better out there. We decided to give Reborn Renovations a try, and they didn’t disappoint!
    Brett handled our project from start to finish. We redid the porch, replaced the siding, and picked new shutters. We added gutter guards…and replaced the section my son crushed.
    We’re very happy with how our house looks… just pray our son doesn’t make the same mistake twice!

    Peter S.

    Elboya, SW Calgary

  • I needed a siding contractor for my parents home because the old vinyl was cracked and had some pretty large holes in it. The Reborn team installed new hardie siding on their house, and rebuilt the front steps so it’d be a bit easier for them to maneuver around. I wasn’t there for really any of the project, but I can say the end results look great and my mother says Steve was a “real polite young man” haha. They’re happy with the work. The siding looks awesome. Can’t ask for more.

    Brie H.

    Haysboro, SW Calgary

  • My wife and I wanted to redo our bungalow exterior by building a new entryway, as well as install bigger windows to let in a bit more light.
    The front entryway looked just like a man door in a brick wall and was not very inviting to guests.
    We spoke with Jeff who got us set up, and Brett managed the renovation.
    We took out the old front door and widened the entryway so we could fit in new double doors. We had to get a structural beam installed to support the new opening which was a bit of work we initially didn't consider, but Brett and reborn took care of all of that for us.
    The new front doors and windows we got installed let in so much more light, and the painted brick and hardie siding we did along the front look phenomenal.
    Thanks Reborn!

    John M.

    Canyon Meadows, SW Calgary

  • Redid the whole exterior of our home with new hardie board and had some white brick installed along the bottom.
    Love the results!

    Jacob P.

    Lake Bonavista, SE Calgary

  • My husband was hesitant to get our home's exterior renovated because of the cost.
    We knew it would turn into one of those projects where it just builds and builds on itself. If we're getting new doors, we should get someone to install new windows, and if we're doing doors and windows we should do new siding to match, and then the eaves and the roof, new front porch and so on. You know how it is.
    But Reborn let us finance it over time so we were able to get it all done at once with one contractor.
    It looks great, like a totally different home now.
    We're looking at getting some landscaping done and then it will really look like how we imagined our dream home.

    Jacob P.

    Sundance, SE Calgary

  • I had spent a lot of time on pintrest looking at house exterior ideas and pins prior to ever searching for or calling a renovation company. The beautiful stone siding, the white bricks, big glass doors and windows. When we finally decided it was time for our house to look like that, I went online, and Reborn Renovations was at the top of Google. It’s a beautiful home now, and I’m happy it’s all mine. I get excited every time I pull into the driveway.

    Lara M.

    Tuxedo Park, NE Calgary

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We can think of at least six fantastic benefits of exterior home renovations right now!

  • You’ll increase the value of your home and get your money back. The return on investment for home exterior renovations is one of the highest, ranging from 70% – 100%. For example, a garage door replacement has a 97.5 percent ROI, according to Remodeling Magazine‘s annual report. The top two highest exterior renovation returns are garage renovations and adding stone veneer siding. The front of your house is the first thing homebuyers see; curb appeal is important! Homebuyers are often excited and looking to fall in love with a house at first sight.
  • The interior and exterior will match. We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that counts.” While that’s true when it comes to human beings, it’s definitely not the case where houses are concerned. If the outside of the home doesn’t meet a potential buyer’s expectations, they won’t expect much from the inside. By doing an exterior home renovation, you can finally feel proud of home, whether you’re looking to impress buyers or simply fall back in love yourself!
  • You can replace time-consuming maintenance with low maintenance materials. Things break, fall apart, and decay as houses age over time. An exterior renovation not only provides a facelift to a home, but it can also upgrade broken siding, doors, or windows with lower maintenance materials. Save time, energy, and money by asking our friendly sales professionals about our low-maintenance material options.
  • An upgraded house contributes to the neighborhood. Not only does curb appeal create a first and lasting impression, it also adds to the look and energy of a neighborhood. Well-kept, picturesque neighborhoods are always in high demand. Therefore, your neighbors will appreciate your groomed, landscaped, and upgraded home because it will add value and appeal to the community they love.
  • Your home will be energy efficient. As we saw before with the lower-maintenance materials, renovating the exterior of your home can have more perks than appearances. Exterior renovations can also make your home more energy-efficient. By replacing outdated siding, front doors, and windows, you’ll be keeping more warm air in and cold air out.
  • Your home will be more secure. In an exterior home renovation, replacing the front door and windows can be an important part of the project. By replacing these with newer, sturdier alternatives, break-ins become less likely, and everyone in the house feels safer.

Calgary exteriors have always been a point of focus for Reborn Renovations. Our award-winning company has taken many unattractive and outdated home exteriors and transformed them into beautiful works of art. Leading the charge over all other exterior renovation companies, Reborn delivers the best results with high-quality customer service. That’s because we take pride in what we do, offering every service needed for your renovation needs. There’s no reason to go anywhere else as we work with the best of the best to ensure the highest quality of work possible.

Whether you’re renovating the garage, replacing the front door, or giving the house a fresh coat of paint, we do it all. Reborn is made up of experts in all fields of home renovation, together with experienced exterior contractors. Not only do we promise an exceptional job done, but we promise do the job in a timely manner. We know time is of the essence, and living in a construction zone isn’t ideal for anyone. With our excellent top-notch customer service, our clients walk away feeling happy they chose us.

Furthermore, our Calgary team of designers, project managers, and exterior contractors understands what it takes to do a home renovation. Always on time and working with integrity, we treat your home like it’s our own, and we make sure everything gets done correctly. This is why Reborn Renovations is an award-winning company in Calgary. We know what we’re doing, and none of the other exterior renovation companies do it better than us.

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H I D D E N. V A L L E Y // Some shots of the extra details here in Hidden Valley / Hanson Ranch. In the back entry, we put new cabinetry and custom storage around the washer and dryer, a redone powder rooms, and a made over entryway.
Shiplap accent wall and new banisters and railings on the staircase. A new shower in the secondary bathroom. And more! 
Check out the full album using the link in our bio!
#homerenovation #renovationproject #homeimprovement #diy #yyc #yychomes #yyclife #calgary #calgaryhomes #homedesign #newhome #calgarybusiness #laundry #powderroom #contractor

H I D D E N. V A L L E Y // Some shots of the extra details here in Hidden Valley / Hanson Ranch. In the back entry, we put new cabinetry and custom storage around the washer and dryer, a redone powder rooms, and a made over entryway.
Shiplap accent wall and new banisters and railings on the staircase. A new shower in the secondary bathroom. And more!

Check out the full album using the link in our bio!

#homerenovation #renovationproject #homeimprovement #diy #yyc #yychomes #yyclife #calgary #calgaryhomes #homedesign #newhome #calgarybusiness #laundry #powderroom #contractor

66 4
H I D D E N . V A L L E Y // check out the master bathroom here in Hidden Valley!
This bathroom got a huge makeover. Use the link in our bio to see more of this renovation and some of the before photos! 
#bathroomremodel #bathroomdecor #homedecor #interiordesign #batbroom #renovate #calgary #alberta #calgarybusiness #calgaryhomes #yychomes #renovation #oasis #housebeautiful #interiordesigns #renovated #steamshower #homerenovations #project #renovations #home #homerenovation #renovationproject #homeimprovement #diy #construction #remodeling #yyc

H I D D E N . V A L L E Y // check out the master bathroom here in Hidden Valley!
This bathroom got a huge makeover. Use the link in our bio to see more of this renovation and some of the before photos!

#bathroomremodel #bathroomdecor #homedecor #interiordesign #batbroom #renovate #calgary #alberta #calgarybusiness #calgaryhomes #yychomes #renovation #oasis #housebeautiful #interiordesigns #renovated #steamshower #homerenovations #project #renovations #home #homerenovation #renovationproject #homeimprovement #diy #construction #remodeling #yyc

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