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Reborn Renovations offers full-service and quality kitchen renovations. From kitchen design, production, installation and service, our professional team at Reborn Kitchens is here to work with you every step of the way.

They say the kitchen is the heart of a home, so let’s pump some new life into your old kitchen. Contact us, the Reborn Kitchen home improvement specialists to get an estimate and/or visit our design showroom to start planning your kitchen renovation! Check out our gallery for kitchen renovation design inspiration. Ask us about the financing options available to help.


Reborn’s custom kitchens are one of a kind, right down to every cabinet door. Our home improvement specialist can help you select the perfect designs and create a kitchen that is completely unique and matches your vision.


Whether your kitchen needs a small renovation or complete remodel, we can customize your kitchen design to what you need. Whether we are building new cabinets or refacing your current ones, contact us and we can give you options based on your budget and needs. If you want to look at options and finishes available – request an appointment at our design showroom in Calgary.


If you are planning to remodel or build a custom kitchen, you will be thrilled to work with our interior design team. With the help of our experienced designers, we can truly bring your kitchen ideas to life, and help you select the right materials to make it all happen. Check out our design team at Kara Interior Design or see some of our amazing kitchen renovations in the gallery below.


We can help you select and install brand new kitchen cabinets, or touch up your existing ones. Reborn has extensive experience in kitchen cabinet refinishing, cabinet refacing and cabinet painting. Check out some of our amazing before & afters in the gallery below.


Reborn specializes in cabinet refinishing, painting, re-spraying and wood finishing. We have brought life back to hundreds of kitchens with our custom cabinet finish process. We pride ourselves on producing high quality finishes on all your existing cabinetry and millwork. We use the highest quality materials and equipment in our custom spray shop facility.


We start each cabinet painting job by removing and labeling your doors from your cabinet boxes. We label each door to ensure that doors go back in the exact same place. This makes it very easy to reinstall all your doors perfectly. During this stage we can also replace your hinges with new soft close hidden hinges.

After we have removed all the doors and drawer fronts from the kitchen, we take them away off-site to our spray shop facility. Once the cabinet doors are at our shop they are cleaned with an industrial cleaner to remove any grease or residue that has built up over the years from typical kitchen use. Once this is complete, the doors get a thorough sanding to ensure a good bond with a primer or bond coat. Now the doors have been cleaned and sanded, but we believe that they need one more cleaning to make sure that all sanding dust, wax, grease and residual oils get removed prior to priming and finishing. Between all coats we sand your doors to remove any rough spots and to let each successive coat bond to the next one. Depending on the condition and wood type of the cabinet doors, 2 to 3 topcoats are sprayed on all your doors and on-site kitchen cabinets. Once all the doors have been refinished and wrapped in protective foam, we deliver them back to your home and we re-install the cabinet doors and drawer fronts back to your existing cabinet box frames.


Once all the cabinet doors are removed from the kitchen and sprayed at our shop the remainder of your kitchen cabinets left behind will receive the same finishing process on-site. Reborn specializes in provide great on-site finishing services, our prep is an extremely thorough process and we take great pride in ensuring no scratches or overspray damages your cabinets, floors or countertops.

We know that your house is your biggest investment and we wholeheartedly respect that. When we spray in your home we mask off your entire kitchen from the rest of your home, creating a controlled environment, which ensures a great finish and a clean site. All the walls, ceiling, countertops, backsplash and cabinet box frames get masked off to ensure crisp lines and no overspray. We also lay flooring protection matts if required to ensure to floor damage is created.

Some competitors don’t take these on-site precautions or they hand paint the cabinet structures instead and use architectural paints that were designed for use on passage doors, trim and walls. These coatings don’t meet the KCMA guidelines, and just don’t have the durability that is needed in a kitchen or bathroom.

We don’t brush and roll anything because the quality and longevity is not comparable. Our coatings differ from regular house paint. They were designed to be used kitchen cabinets in high traffic areas, and have excellent moisture resistance. They also have a much smoother feel and a far superior look with the added benefit of providing outstanding durability.


Reborn Kitchens offers custom-built cabinet doors and drawer fronts that can be finished in any color and installed onto your existing box frames with enclosed hidden hinges and new handles. During the cabinet refacing process, Reborn can also supply and install new countertops, crown moulding, tile backsplash, and additional cabinets.

If our kitchen refacing and cabinet painting services can’t provide you with the end result you have envisioned, Reborn also offers custom kitchens. We provide kitchen cabinets and countertops to match any specification, style or appearance desired for your kitchen renovation.

Appointments are available at your convenience with professional, knowledgeable and experienced staff. From our detailed written estimate to the final inspection, we make every effort to ensure your total satisfaction. Kitchen renovations are our passion.


Many of today’s homeowners prefer kitchen cabinet refacing instead of completely replacing their kitchen cabinets. Many of our customers don’t have the time and often don’t wish to make such a large investment in their kitchen. It’s a good idea to decide on the scope and magnitude of the update you want. There’s no sense in doing a complete makeover if you’re happy with the layout of your existing kitchen and quality of the existing cabinet box frames.


– Remove and dispose of your old cabinet doors and drawer fronts

– Install new doors, drawer fronts, hinges, and handles in the style and color of your choice

– Cover your existing cabinet box frames with new wood panels, veneers or lacquer finish.

– Install new countertops and backsplash

We can also add any custom carpentry to the existing kitchen such as:

– Extending the upper cabinets to the ceiling

– Adding additional cabinets to the existing kitchen layout

– New custom islands

– Wine racks

– Decorative Mouldings


Cabinet Doors – Our kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts are 100% custom built to your exact specifications. Reborn Kitchens offers over 2,000 variations of cabinet door styles and can color match any stain or solid color in our spray shop facility.

Solid Color Doors – Maple and MDF cabinet doors & drawers are most commonly used when we are finishing them with solid colors such as off-whites, greys, dark browns etc. Since you cannot see the grain in the door once the solid color finish has been applied, there is no need to use more expensive cabinet door wood types such as cherry or walnut. We can color match any physical sample piece you have or any color you select from a paint supplier.

Stained Doors – When staining new cabinet doors and drawer fronts, it’s important to consider the type of grain pattern you want to see, each wood species has its own grain pattern and fingerprint. Some wood types also are natural darker in nature such as a walnut compared to a maple door. No matter what stain finish you have in mind, we can deliver it with our custom finishing shop.

Thermofoil or Polyester – These types of cabinet doors are laminate/polyester which comes in either solid colors or in finishes that look like wood with stain. A benefit to using these products when refacing is they eliminate the need to have any onsite spraying done because they already come pre-finished from the cabinet supplier. The drawback is they can never be refinished to another color or stain down the road and if a cabinet door gets scratched or damaged, the entire door will need to be replaced if the supplier still stocks that particular type of door.

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