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In today’s market, choosing a company to head your kitchen renovation project is no easy task. With Reborn Renovations, you can rest easy knowing that our reputation is backed by years of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we’re the recipient of numerous awards from Homestars, Renomark, Top Choice Awards, and more! Our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and countless positive testimonials say it all.

We pride ourselves on being fully transparent with clients about expectations, cost, timelines, etc. We know that excellent communication is the foundation of any great renovation project. This is especially true when designing and building the kitchen, which for many is the heart of the home. Consequently, you need a reliable team that can communicate well with one another and with you!

Let our team give you everything you want out of your new kitchen. We serve the greater Calgary area, including Airdrie, Cochrane, and Okotoks.

When you work with Reborn Renovations, you’ll get a full team of kitchen renovation experts at your disposal. These include kitchen designers, project managers, and experienced contractors. Our crews are reliable and accustomed to working with one another. As a result, you aren’t slapping together a ragtag group of workers; you’re getting a well-oiled machine made up of licensed professionals that’s ready to get to work for you.

We have everything you need to make your kitchen renovation dreams come true, and we make it our goal to not only meet but exceed your expectations. Your project will be completed your project in a timely manner, and we will work within your budget to bring the kitchen you’ve pictured in your mind to life.


We bring more to the table than just a team of competent, passionate professionals. We put our money where our mouth is with a five-year warranty. If a company isn’t willing to put their pride in writing, then they aren’t the company for you. We still believe in 100% customer satisfaction and in fixing our mistakes (if you can find any!).  Kitchens are one of the messiest, most-used rooms in the house. Therefore, they take a beating! We know our kitchen renovations will hold up against it all.

What else can we offer?

First, we offer an in-person consultation in a private showroom. See all of your backsplash, flooring, countertop, fixture, and color scheme options in one convenient place. Discuss your vision with one of our designers. At Reborn Renovations, we put everything you’ve imagined for your kitchen renovation at your fingertips.

Second, we are proud to hold several industry memberships with organizations that hold us to the highest standards, including BILD Calgary and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. You can read more about why clients choose us over all the others here, on our testimonials page.

Most importantly, at Reborn Renovations, we understand exactly how much time and effort goes into a kitchen, on site and behind the scenes. It’s not just the physical labor of putting together a brand new kitchen; it’s design, management, and ensuring that each client knows all of their options and is fully satisfied with the finished product.

This means we have to stay on top of trends. We encourage you to choose a company that is constantly making an effort to be better today than yesterday, like we are. We seek out customer testimonials, hire knowledgeable industry professionals, and further our education through industry organizations. If a kitchen renovation company doesn’t keep up with the times, the work they deliver will eventually fall behind on modern trends and leave customers disappointed. Customers will wake up one day, turn on the TV, and wish they’d known a butcher block countertop was an option!

Rest assured that Reborn Renovations will provide you with a capable design team that can give you a modern, stylish kitchen suited to your unique tastes.


You may have older home that simply needs to be updated. Galley kitchens are out, and open concept is in! You may dream of more counter space, more storage space, a breakfast nook. Whatever your dreams, whatever your needs, Reborn Renovations can help you fall in love with your kitchen all over again—or maybe for the first time.

Besides aesthetics, there is another reason to renovate your kitchen: boosting the value of your home. Did you know that most realtors consider kitchen renovation to be the number one project to consider when looking to increase the value of your home? When potential buyers walk into the space where they’ll spend time cooking, cleaning, gathering, and laughing, they want it to be picture perfect—and they’re willing to pay for it. In many cases, kitchens are one of the few rooms likely to see more than 100% return on investment.

You can’t go wrong with a good kitchen renovation, and at Reborn Renovations, we pride ourselves on delivering the best kitchen renovations in Calgary.


If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, this is probably the question you’ve lost the most sleep over, and if you have access to the internet and a search engine, you probably know we can’t answer that question for you here. There is no one-size-fits-all estimate. As a result, every kitchen and every kitchen renovation is different. The overall kitchen renovation cost is influenced by a number of factors.

These factors include the size of the kitchen, the materials used, structural work, the extensiveness of the project, and more. For example, a bigger kitchen requires more cabinets. Similarly, tile costs more than vinyl. We can’t list numbers for you here, but we can offer a team of experts that are standing by to talk with you about your needs.

Some kitchen renovations require structural changes, like taking down walls to open up the living space or drastic layout changes that require structural engineering, plumbing, HVAC, or electrical to be moved around. Changes like these can significantly increase the cost of a kitchen renovation. 

On the other hand, some homeowners are very budget conscious and take a more refurbished route to their renovation by improving what they have instead of replacing it. Kitchen renovations like this can be on the lower side of the cost scale.

The average small to medium kitchen, not including appliances costs around $30,000.. As the space, selection grades, and components increase in scope, the prices can get in excess of $50,000. 

For a large, completely custom look with all the bells and whistles, possibly with some wall rework, the kitchen renovation costs can be close to, or in excess of $70,000. It is due to our wide variety of selections and custom specialty that square footage prices do not well suit our model.

Our minimum kitchen refacing package starts at $10,000, and mid range sized refacing projects are between $15,000 to $17,5000. Larger refacing projects with extensive changes can reach in excess of $20,000. Keep in mind, at this point you are getting mostly a new kitchen aside from the boxes.

Reborn Renovations will work within your budget to make sure you get a kitchen you’ll love. Contact us today, and we’ll provide you with an accurate estimate. Additionally, we can even discuss financing options.

We offer a 0% down, no payment for three months plan—and payments start at as little as $249/month!

A new kitchen renovation could be yours for the same cost as a car payment!

Get Your Kitchen Renovation Estimate Today!

Reborn Renovations is the industry leader when it comes to kitchen renovations in Calgary. We’ve got the amazing before and after photos to prove it! Visit our gallery to see our work; we know you’ll be impressed and inspired, and we’ll be standing by to take your call if you decide you’d like more information on our services.

We specialize in extensive kitchen renovations as well as more budget-friendly renovations like kitchen refacing. Unsure of the difference? Get in touch!

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, and you’re in the greater Calgary area, give our friendly, experienced team a call or send us an e-mail today.

We would love to discuss your project!


As with the cost of a kitchen remodel, it’s hard to determine an exact time-frame for renovations without speaking directly to you about your vision. No two jobs are the same, and it all hinges on how much work needs to be done. A full demolition and kitchen remodel may take weeks. Likewise, changing out the cabinets may take one day. It’s important you get in touch with us so that we can give you a realistic time-frame and, of course, that free estimate for you to consider.

We can also assure you that at Reborn Renovations, we hire only the best industry professionals and the best crewmen. That means we are respectful of your home while we’re in it, and we’ll do everything within our power to keep living through a renovation as easy as possible. We’ll keep the mess contained, and while noise may be necessary, we’ll certainly do our best to keep it to a minimum.


If you need a little more inspiration or information before you hop on the phone with us, here are a few things to think about when considering a kitchen renovation.

You may have the funds for a complete redo with top-of-the-line appliances and marble countertops, but for most people, cost is the main source of hesitation and contention. It’s important to consider which options will benefit you the most.

We recommend making a list of priorities.

  • First, what does your new kitchen have to have? Maybe it’s a cooktop island, new floors, new cabinets, or a backsplash. Put these items at the top of the list!
  • Next, which remodel options could you do without? If the appliances are functional, they may look better when the rest of the kitchen is redone. As a result, you could worry about those later on down the road. Put these at the bottom.
  • Finally, could you get the same look you desire in a more affordable way? Refinishing cabinets and replacing the hardware is more cost-effective than a total replacement. Put these in the middle.

Now you have an informed, organized starting point.

Which kitchen renovation options will increase the value of your home if you’re looking to sell? Trends are always changing, but as of late homebuyers seem to be willing to pay more for a home if the kitchen has the following:

  • First, updated appliances. New homeowners want to settle into their new home without having to worry about replacing the fridge or dishwasher while in the middle of unpacking. They aren’t likely to get excited about a home if the appliances are grimy or outdated.
  • Next, granite or quartz countertops. They’re durable, easy to clean, and they look nice. Homebuyers will choose a granite or quartz countertop over cheap-looking laminate any day.
  • Finally, open concept. No one wants to feel left out. Having a kitchen that lets a homebuyer envision a future in which they are part of the conversation while entertaining is a must!


If this kitchen is for you, to improve your quality of life, include features that will make you happy.

If the kitchen renovation is to improve resale value, take yourself out of the equation. Focus instead on this question: What can you do to get the best return on your investment? Even if open concept is more desirable to current buyers, it may make more sense financially to keep the current layout—just because changing layout is expensive!

Still aren’t sure where to start? We live this industry. Reborn Renovations can answer all of your questions and help you get your kitchen renovation organized and started off on the right track!


Depending on your skill level, you may be able to do some parts of a kitchen renovation project yourself. We don’t, however, recommend trying to tackle such a huge project on your own.

Reborn Renovations sends a team of experts to your home because we know that a kitchen renovation is more than a one-man (or woman) job! We know the industry inside and out. Let us tell you all of your options for those blind corners. Let us tell you how to cut costs—without cutting quality. We have the best suppliers, and we can refigure your estimate with the touch of a button. This is true even if you decide to make changes while the work is in progress.

It’s possible what we’ll think of things that wouldn’t cross your mind, simply because this is what we do all day every day. Have you considered under cabinet lighting? The pros and cons of open shelving? Did you know that pro-grade cooking ranges require larger duct work?

Working with us can save you a lot of time and frustration, and don’t forget we back our work with a five-year warranty. We are confident in our work, and we want you to be, too!

We can get your kitchen renovation done faster, with less stress on you and your family. You have other things you could be doing with your free time, so leave this one to the experts at Reborn Renovations!

Contact us today so we can show you exactly how easy—and even fun—your kitchen renovation can be!

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Benjamin Migneault
Benjamin Migneault
03:43 14 Nov 20
Reborn did a great job for my family. We added a 4 bedroom to the upstairs of our house. They handled all the design,... permitting, trades and inspection. It was good to work with Vito and come up with a plan that allowed our family to help do some work to save time and money but have the pros come in and do the heavy lifting and hold timeline. The bulk of the work was done in short order and the impact to our day to day was minimal. There were a couple items that lines of communication were crossed but overall the project went smooth and both of us worked through to find solutions. I would recommend Reborn to others and would not hesitate to use them more
Miranda Hunter
Miranda Hunter
15:22 12 Nov 20
I've been thinking for a few years to give my main floor a refresh and after my first meeting with Reborn knew they... were the right company for me. I ended up getting a new island, counter tops, backsplash and refresh of fireplace. Overall; very happy with the results and the whole experience from the start with Danielle at the design center and Murray as PM was great. Murray was very attentive to details, kept the project on time and even helped fix some items that weren't on my list but needed to be done:) I would definitely recommend Reborn Renovations for your next project!read more
Aimee Jackson
Aimee Jackson
18:23 24 Oct 20
Reborn Renovations completed our exterior renovation. The quality of the work was excellent, and the transformation on... the house was outstanding. Brett was excellent to deal with. He was easy to communicate with, and get a hold of. I found that he understood my ideas and kept the entire project running smoothly. I would be happy to work with him again on a future renovation!read more
Hilary Dickson
Hilary Dickson
20:36 21 Oct 20
We cannot begin to express how happy we are to have gone with Reborn Renovations. Brett was extremely professional,... knowledgeable and thorough. He was able to make our garage dreams a reality. We completely demolished our existing mudroom & garage, excavated down and built a new attached garage and mudroom. Additionally, we renovated our house exterior (painted stucco, new Hardie board & new roof). The end result was seamless. Brett completed the job beyond our expectations and stayed on budget to the dollar. It has been two years since our renovation, and we have had endless compliments on the work completed by Reborn Renovations (including by other trades & a house inspector). We have absolutely nothing but wonderful things to say about our experience with Reborn Renovations!read more
Ted Mieszkalski
Ted Mieszkalski
22:12 06 Sep 20
We remain more than pleased with the work that Reborn Renovations has conducted at our house. Over the years, Reborn... successfully completed two indoor renovations which have stood the test of time on both quality and value. During the summer this year, we contracted Reborn for a third project. We focussed on the back of the house and backyard this time. We had Reborn upgrade the siding (switching from vinyl to Hardie Board), build a new fence and add a couple privacy screens. Brett Presley and his team did a marvellous job. The quality and craftsmanship speak for themselves. We've had many unsolicited, positive reactions on this project from neighbours and passers-by. In our experience, Reborn is a company we can always trust to keep their word, deliver an outstanding product and do so with integrity. Thanks, again, Reborn - great work!!read more
Julian Tile Calgary
Julian Tile Calgary
22:20 07 Jul 20
We have been working with Reborn Renovations for years, they are very professional and all their renovations turn out... beautifuly. We recommend using Reborn Renovations!read more
Michael McMaster
Michael McMaster
16:25 19 May 20
I would not recommend using this company. I was looking to renovate my condo and after scheduling an in-home... consultation on April 15 I was advised by Sales Manager Bob Weir that I would be contacted the following Monday with pricing estimates. I have yet to receive any communication from Bob or any other representative from Reborn. It has been close to two weeks since the initial consultation. I would not trust them to complete work on time if they are unable to send pricing estimates. I am extremely disappointed in this company and their lack of professionalism. Response to Reborn Renovations comments. I ultimately received pricing estimates 13 days after my initial in home consultation after the Sales Manager advised it would take less than one week to provide the estimate. This is after he showed up late to the consultation. I was waiting for a call to discuss the estimate but never received any communication from this company. Frankly, this has been a horrible more
Laurier B
Laurier B
17:45 28 Jan 20
Unbelievable service and quality. Without a doubt exceeded expectations. Jeff and the team at reborn were more than... what I expected. I’ve seen other finished work and without question the best quality you can ask forread more
Karen MacKeil
Karen MacKeil
04:19 21 Jan 20
Reborn Renovations is a great company to deal with. They make sure that you are happy with their work. In 2013 we had a... big kitchen reno. We later had an issue with some of the work and they came back and repaired it 7 years later. Nice to see that there are businesses that take such pride in their work and that have such integrity. Thank you Reborn!read more
Mary Savas
Mary Savas
03:32 17 Jan 20
I had been looking for a company to build two vanities for my new home and after some searching i went with Reborn. I... cant say enough how happy i am with that decision. The product they delivered was top quality and the experience was quite enjoyable. I would highly recommend reborn to anyone i know. After my experience with our vanities and seeing their design centre and their commitment to a high level of customer service i will be using them for my new custom kitchen as well!read more
Taylor K
Taylor K
19:48 06 Jan 20
Scheduled an appointment with Reborn for a quote respecting remediation work in my basement following a sewage backup.... Appointment date comes and no one shows up. After I reached out to their agent to follow up and see if he was still planning on attending, he advised that he had to work late the night prior, apologized and asked if we could reschedule to the following day, which I agreed to. The appointment time for the following day comes and goes and, sure enough, another no show. We never received the simply courtesy of a call, e-mail or text from anyone at Reborn advising that they were no longer able to make the appointment and I ended up wasting four-hours over two-days sitting at home and waiting around. Highly unprofessional and it's hard to trust Reborn with performing any actual 'work' given that it is apparently too onerous an obligation to comply with a simple appointment or, at the very least, contact a prospective client and give them some notice of the fact that they will not be attending as more
Kathleen O'Yeung
Kathleen O'Yeung
20:04 13 Dec 19
This is our second project with Reborn in 6 months, a complete renovation of en-suite and powder room. We have done all... 3 bathrooms in one year, all by the same project mgr, Nathan Thormoset. He is accountable, meticulous, competent and such a gentleman. You can trust him to watch for issues, problem solve and be on top of all coordination and mid stream changes. We have lots of questions and interesting add-ons, but he managed to find options and creative solutions to meet our needs. Frank and George totally impressed us with their trade skills, problem solving abilities and professionalism. They are always on time and quick to explain, busting a lot of trade myths and solving our space and plumbing issues with precision and experience. Kevin the electrician is honest and efficient, totally flexible to adapt to our changing needs as the projects progressed. Love the product selection with Danielle and Don. The team has such an artistic eye and a mind for details, we are very happy with the beautiful end results. With the best warranty in the industry, all our projects on time and within budget, Reborn will always be our top choice for any home renovation more
Jeff Frewin
Jeff Frewin
21:15 02 Dec 19
Great Experience from start to finish. We will be using them again soon for other family member renovations.
Matt Cortez
Matt Cortez
23:10 20 Nov 19
Great team with streamlined processes from initial vision to the finished product. Our project manager Frank was very... attentive, great to work with and a great line of communication throughout the renovation. Frank always ran any potential changes to verify input. Great renovation all around, spectacular end result. The company will go over and beyond to keep you happy. The use of the app Buildertrend also help me keep track of the phases of renovations and costs. Keep up the great work and would recommend again!read more
Mike Todd
Mike Todd
06:30 08 Nov 19
Our original intent was to find a reputable renovation company to repair damage of our main floor caused by an upper... level water leak. We decided to go an extra couple steps further and renovate the entire main floor including kitchen, hallway and living room. After extensive research online, we decided to go with Reborn Renovations. The team at Reborn were very easy to work with and they were straightforward/upfront from beginning to end. Keeping in eye on the bottom line - we were pleased with their flexibility for ourselves to do our own demo and sourcing some of our own renovation items for example a large garbage bin in the front yard (among other things). Their willingness to negotiate all items of the renovation made us feel comfortable from the beginning. The team was very professional and very good at addressing any concerns or changes we brought forth (at any point along the way). We are extremely pleased with the outcome and results of the renovation. Our house is stunning! They have a crew of amazing tradespeople, and it seems they hire only the best. There were some (very) minor deviations along the way which Reborn addressed and fix immediately - without cost to us, and in fact always for the better! We can’t stress the professionalism enough. Customer satisfaction is priority #1 to them. The only recommendation of improvement we would note - is the timeline of the interior decorating – which was several months in length, which felt too long. Understandably – there were a lot of (decorative/furnishing) items which required special ordering / back ordering and there was some vendor delay – but this needed to be slightly better communicated. However, if you see the photos (Crestmont Kitchen and Main Floor Reno) it was worth the wait and Danielle’s expertise, style and skills are second to none. Reborn always made themselves available and were always accommodating to our schedule. The collaboration, open and honest approach with this company was top-notch. We would not hesitate to recommend them for any size of job; you would be in very good hands. Thank you Reborn! Sincerely, Mike and Sophieread more
Jill Rossi
Jill Rossi
02:36 03 Oct 19
We are so happy with the final product of our Kitchen renovation. Our project manager, Chris was easy to work with and... always responded quickly to our questions and concerns. All the trades that worked on our reno were professional and easy to get along with. We love entertaining our family and friends in our new kitchen and sitting around our fabulous island. We are very happy that we chose Reborn to complete this project for us. It was a great more
Andrea Shalanski
Andrea Shalanski
14:53 14 Sep 19
Murray was our project manager for our master bathroom reno and he did an amazing job. I especially appreciated his... care and attention to detail. Having never done a bathroom reno before we really appreciated that he consulted with us all the way through the reno and helped us through the decision making process. We now have a bathroom that is beautiful and functional. It was built with really great care and attention. Thank you Murray!read more
Jonathan Boshoff
Jonathan Boshoff
15:18 01 Sep 19
Reborn is great to work with. I've referred several of my friends in Calgary to these guys for home renovations and... kitchen renovationsread more
Debbie Dobrescu
Debbie Dobrescu
21:17 14 Jun 19
We love our new kitchen and the work was done quickly, on time, and to perfection. Nathan was a pleasure to work with... and kept everything on track. We would highly recommend reborn and the quality of their work. Highly professional!!!read more
Mae Forbes
Mae Forbes
16:30 29 Apr 19
I can’t say enough about the team of peopleReborn has. Especially my project manager Chris. First off, we heard... nothing but horror stories, (about other companies) if we left the country, leaving them to accomplish the project in our absence. However this team is amazing! Down to the smallest details! Just ask Chris how picky I was. Chris was very reachable at all times and answered and solved all my questions. Designer Danielle was a great help in helping us make decisions. Ala in all I would highly recommend this more
Denise Clark
Denise Clark
17:18 21 Mar 19
Reborn Renovations are a superior renovating company. They completed both interior and exterior renovations on our home... and we are beyond satisfied. If you are looking for high quality, timely workmanship, I strongly recommend contacting this company. They are proud of their work and I am a 100% satisfied more
Leslie M
Leslie M
22:42 18 Mar 19
I am very happy with the work done by Reborn. What I appreciated most was a schedule/timeline was set, and it was met.... What they said - they did. They were extremely professional from start to finish. Very satisfied with the work done. I would highly recommend them to others and I will be using them again for future more
Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie
19:14 19 Nov 18
After getting several quotes and interviewing several companies – we decided to move forward with Reborn... Renovations…and are we ever glad we did. Having been through several renovations, this project definitely had the best communication (which is really key) as well as great trades people (both skill wise and personality wise). The project was scheduled to start to coincide when the rest of the family were on holidays so as to minimize disruption, and the project was started on time, and was completed according to schedule. Chris as the project manager was a pleasure to work with, his passion for delivering a great product was evident as we worked with him throughout this process. He provided some great ideas, and always worked hard to make sure everything was on schedule. Their Cabinet Maker/Installer, Pat Hayes, was a pleasure to work with….very similar to Chris in that he really just wants the customer to be happy…and ensured there was frequent communication to ensure he was delivering exactly what we wanted. Pat is just a stand up individual in general, who is very skilled and knowledgeable from all of his years of kitchen cabinetry…Pat was able to identify potential issues and provide solutions before any issues arose. George their flooring guy was great as well…we had some previous water damage that damaged part of our main level. George sanded and stained the damaged section and blended it in perfectly with the rest of the floor. George was very accommodating in more
scott densick
scott densick
23:05 10 Apr 17
We couldnt be happier with our kitchen renovation with Reborn! Thanks to their entire team for working around our... hectic schedules to complete this amazing transformation. We would highly recommend these guys to friends and family anytime!read more
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