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Siding is a major element in enhancing your curb appeal while simultaneously increasing the value of your home. Siding protects your home by shedding water and protecting it from other effects of our harsh weather. There are many varieties of siding, each with their own look and method of installation. Our expert designers, salespeople, and operations staff will ensure that the best products and practices are employed in giving your home a bold and beautiful new look. With both residential and commercial siding services available, we’ve got all your siding needs covered.


Replacing your siding can update and add curb appeal to your home or business. The experts at Reborn Renovations will help you choose the right colours and type of siding that would be best for your home or the style you want. Contact us for a quote or to make an appointment to see our design showroom in Calgary. Ask us about the financing options available to help.


James Hardie Siding is an industry renowned manufacturer that has seen dramatic increase in popularity in the last few years. Tested under extreme circumstances, Hardie products are engineered to withstand harsh climates, and are catered to specific climate zones. Furthermore, they are non-combustible, extremely resilient, and offer superior aesthetics, with less maintenance required than conventional siding.

Fiber cement siding is the leading product that competes with vinyl siding in terms of popularity. It was first produced during the 70s and has remained highly popular since then. In fact, this siding has some of the best features among all types of siding. It is the type of siding that blends together the best features of almost all the different types of siding. There are other suppliers of fiber cement siding available, but Reborn prefers to use the best of the best in all products and services, which is why Hardie is our preferred supplier.

A full line of Hardie products are available ranging from lap siding, shingle siding, vertical siding, trim boards, soffit panels, artisan siding, and weather barrier wrap.


Reborn’s stucco services include all exterior products and applications including conventional stucco installation, parging and repairs of all sizes. Our stucco experience ranges from dealing directly with homeowners to working with home builders. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond the standards. Our team of designers will ensure your home stands out with the best color combinations to enhance your curb appeal while maximizing the value of your home.


Reborn has mastered the process of stucco painting. Many stucco homes have faded or outdated colors, weather damage, micro fissures, and other imperfections that painting can overcome in most cases. The two main options for painting stucco are premium 100% acrylic paint and elastomeric coatings. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. Before each job, the sales rep will educate the client on the two best products, and together they will make a decision on which product to apply. In some cases, there are underlying envelope issues that may be present, which must be rectified prior to painting the stucco. The benefit if hiring Reborn for your stucco repairs and finishing is our vast industry experience that most paint companies do not possess.


Vinyl siding is one of the most popular option for renovations and new construction because it is a relatively cheaper material that offers attractive looks and is maintenance free and scratch resistant. Vinyl siding also comes in a large variety of styles, sizes and finishes. Clients may choose from patterns mimicking brick, wood, and stone. A common trend is to combine vinyl siding with accent features such as trim boards and stone work.

Vinyl is relatively easy to install, helping in reducing the labor costs compared to other alternatives. Vinyl siding can last for several decades. With a focus on energy efficiency, many suppliers offer insulated foam backing for maximum efficiency.


Ready to tackle your siding project? Our team members at Reborn Renovations are available to get you a free cost estimate on your siding installation. Inquire below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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